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turning 40

February 27, 2011


Well not me… yet.

But on Tuesday I will be 35.

So while 40 is still five years away it has got me thinking about all the things I want to do before Im 40,

and the things I want to do for my 40th year.

And five years is a relatively small amount of time…

Cos in the last five years I

  • had been a mum for almost 2 years
  • became a mum to another child
  • lost 25kg
  • kept it off
  • became fitter than I have ever been before
  • began to run!
  • did the City to Bay – walking 3x, then running it 1x!
  • became a WW leader
  • decided on a career change
  • got into UNIVERSITY  – {science degree no less 🙂 }
  • lost my nan
  • had a major upheaval in my marriage {& working on the repair daily}
  • been to Vanuatu for my SIL’s wedding holiday
  • repaired an old but very valued friendship – but lost more non worthy ones than anticipated {see above re marriage}
  • and lived life to the healthiest and fullest that I can.

It has been a busy five years, which has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined!

and I’m sure the next lot will too.

More to come on my future birthday years….

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