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First time

February 19, 2011

With the kids on a sleepover I ran with J for the first time today – ever.

How is that possible? 17 years together and only running for the first time together today….

It was fun.

But some interesting facts  found out:

  • I am way slower than he is – my short legs
  • My heart beats faster/ higher and does not drop back as quick as his
  • His calf muscles are way better toned than mine
  • and he does sprints up hills quicker than me too.

45mins – 539 cals burnt – top heart rate: 177bpm – avg: 144bpm = me

45 mins – 323 cals burnt – top heart rate: 167bpm – avg: 117bpm = J

Very different huh?

Like I said it was fun, and hopefully something we can continue to do in the future.

For future reference for me:

Sprint 1: 15secs

Sprint 2: 17secs

Sprint 3: 18secs

Still not too bad I say – could of been worse. I hope to improve these too!

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