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Things are better today.

February 7, 2011

The bloating that was causing me so much frustration has gone, the tiredness has gone and I feel a lot better today.

Also!!! I have been on a 30min walk. Sigh.

Things are getting back to normal 🙂

Tonight though I have just suffered another migraine. This time from the sun glinting off my kids clear plastic wading pool… the spots came, the fuzzy wuzzy implying that this is cute and cuddly when it is not lines came and the eyes narrowed. Urrrghh.

As I am getting …huh hum… older I am finding light sensitivity becoming more of a problem… might have to Dr Google 😉

My caring little Miss 6 got the ice pack, while I gulped down some medication and I woke 30mins later to a dark and quiet house…kids asleep and dinner made. Another sigh. Thanks J.

The thing with my {and perhaps others…} migraines is that I just have to shut the brain off.

Have to.

And it always leaves me feeling like I have been thru one of those concrete washing wringers that you see in delightful cellar doors that have pretty vines and flowers growing over.

Washed out, thin and wrinkly.

And until I have the next full nights sleep where I wake feeling refreshed.

As you can tell I am excited for bed time.

Oh and skinny cow ice-creams they might just be my next new love. I have resisted them for a while… hearing others mentioning their goodness, and tonight after the migraine I just needed something – but didnt want overboard – so they provided a simple solution!

PP = 2


off to relax and sleep that bad boy off!

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