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Where did Wednesday go?

February 3, 2011
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Yesterday screamed by in a flurry of~~

  • school runs
  • childcare drop offs
  • chiropractors appointments
  • a trip into town for work
  • numerous roadworks slowing said trip into town making me late
  • work
  • banking and paperwork – work related
  • quick trip to the shops
  • school and childcare pickups
  • dinner making
  • child drop off at babysitter
  • work again
  • child pick up
  • child putting to bed
  • me to bed around 12pm – while not being able to tear myself away from the television watching footage of cyclone yasi 😯


Wednesday are my full on days,  but I must prepare better for them. I ate reasonably well all day, but am still missing a healthy dinner on Wed nights – grabbing what ever I can, which is not good as I weigh in on a Thursday morning. I used to make dinner every wednesday and take it along to work with me and eat it while we were packing up etc, but have stopped that somewhere along the way. I think it is time to begin again!

It is time to get myself sorted out a bit better. The laziness that comes from 6 weeks of school holidays is still hanging round and it is time to get my shit sorted. Get back to shopping regularly, to budgeting properly again and to having my week planned out. And then when I can move actively again – I will feel great! And keep dropping some weight to get back down to my goal weight and lower ….

but the best thing about Wednesday is at the end of them they are the start to my days off/weekend 😆

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