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Rewind 21 (+ a few extra ;) ) years…

January 31, 2011

and you would have seen me having my first day at school – nervous and stumbling over my own feet.

fast forward those 21….errm 30 yrs and you would still find me nervous and stumbling over my own feet.

Bandidged Up

We were walking thru the schoolyard – kinda hurrying as the bell was about to go – when Miss L stumbled over a large stick lying on the ground, she yelped a small ‘ouch’ and I turned my head to see if she was ok. Well I didnt realise that I was even that close, and actually had one foot half off, to a curb edge around the asphalt quadrangle – I lost my balance, twisted on my ankle and tumbled over… landed on my right wrist and both knees and rolled onto my back.

A very un-gazelle like way to make an entrance to my daughters first day of year 1.

I tore my favourite pants – had cuts and scrapes on my knees that were bleeding, had one very sore ankle and what I thought at the time a broken thumb or wrist. Erk.

I was helped up – and taken to the ‘sick bay’ (gosh never thought I would be in a school one of them again) where I was ice-packed, band-aided and given an accident report form.


I am feeling better now -my wrist is fine-ish certainly not broken, knees are stingy but my ankle is still very sore. I have been on my feet all day running around with work,  school/kindy pick-up, swimming lessons now the kids dinner/bed routine – I hope soon to be able to sit down and ice it some more, although a top temp today of 42.9 does not help with the swelling!

Band-aids off. OUCH.

I am more annoyed at the fact that I wont be able to exercise easily for some time. Walking in a few days maybe, but running again???Just as I was getting into in and enjoying!

Grrr to myself!


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