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42 deg

January 30, 2011

I burnt the soles of my feet while hanging out the washing – cos even in these temps life must go on…






Rest day for me today – a) its too hot and b) I have done a fair bit this week and had a sore shin yesterday. After some ice and keeping it up – it feels better today but dont want to risk any further soreness.

Of course it being so hot keeps you inside, so the urge to stand around and eat/snack/pick at food kicks in pretty fast!  I am trying to keep busy and away from the pantry but have had to stop myself a few times (smacks hand) 🙂

We are heading off to a local pool for a few hours cool off, and then it will be home and early to bed for my two little ones. And no doubt me.

School starts tomorrow and I have one heading into year 1 and the other starting kindy full time. I also want to do Day 2/ Week 2 of C25K (early early early) and I have two WW meetings to get done, and with the temp still high organisation is the key to it all running smoothly!

Have a lovely sunday – stay cool friends….

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