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The heat is on!

January 28, 2011

Its going to be pretty warm here for the next few days –

Saturday:         Min 20    Max 39
Sunday        Dry. Sunny.                            Min 26    Max 42
Monday        Dry. Sunny.                            Min 27    Max 41
Tuesday       Fine. Mostly sunny.                    Min 22    Max 30
Wednesday     Fine. Mostly sunny.                    Min 16    Max 31
Thursday      Dry. Cloud increasing.                 Min 19    Max 38
Friday        Possible shower.                       Min 23    Max 33

Yowsers!! So I best remember to head out early to exercise – otherwise it will not happen.

I love this heat and have been waiting for it to come… crazy I know!

While I do love it myself, the heat does make things a bit harder for the kids, like hot cars and their car seats,  litres of sunscreen and no playing outside. And of course with school going back on Monday makes it even more ‘exiting’… day one of school and they will be let out early due to extreme weather conditions! ha.

I suppose we could be in weather like this

(hmm not quite the title I was going for… still getting the hang of this linking thingo – but did you notice that I can do it now?? cool huh? Thanks J!)

Anyway – some of that snow for our dry state would be great…

Today I had a bit of a sleep in – as I thought I would head to the gym for the last day of my ‘to be suspended’ membership and do a class. Not long before I left to go there I was rung by them to tell me that I was due for my 12 week programme check. When I explained that I had suspended but would be in later to enjoy my last day she informed that yesterday was the last day….oh. right.

So to plan B. A bike ride to the shops. But then I remembered that I was wanting to get a new bra fitted – sweaty from riding…. no thanks!

Plan C. A bike ride home from the shops.

After being fitted – warning TMI coming….. with a 10 E bra (what the!! I mean… I am not that big – am I?? E sounds massive!! AN E… as you can tell I am still reeling) we stopped at a cafe for a coffee – we ordered a Latte Frappe as it is so warm hot coffee does not appeal, but unfortunately the Frappe was horrid! It was so sickly sweet – we only got about 1/4 way thru each of ours and left it. YUK. The waitress said it was made with Coffee syrup… erk. Never again!

My ride home did happen, I was out for 30 mins and it felt great to be out riding. Although seeing it was lunchtime it was a bit warm and by the time I got home I was a sticky, sweaty mess.

My eating today has been pretty good, and I am within my PP range. Unfortunately a few sugary bits and pieces here and there were put mindlessly into my mouth… poo! So although my PP add up okay, some of them are not the healthiest/best choices. Tomorrow I aim to have no sugar, and will pay attention to what I am picking at!

And with that its my bed time, 10.35pm. Got to be up at 6am for Day one of Week 2 C25K – now that I dont have an sir-cooled gym to escape to I need to make the most of the coolest part of the day (luckily its my favourite time of the day 😉 )

Stay cool!

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    January 31, 2011 11:16 am

    10E hey! Welcome to my world of never being able to buy bra’s that are under $50! I’m not a 10E but a 16E and hate bra shopping! Unfortunately I need to go and get 2 new ones!

    • January 31, 2011 1:27 pm

      I actually got mine at B&T for $39.90 – and luckily it is the right shape! so I got two.

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