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Day 2… C25K

January 25, 2011

Hey there – I am still around, busy as always! But am happy and feeling great. I have been eating well and keeping away from large amounts of sugar… 👿

Thursday was a momentous day for me when I realised that I needed to do this running thing – that I wanted and am happy to do this running/ extra fitness thing to be happy and keep me on the right track.

I never, NEVER, NEVER thought I would be the person to say this.

Ha – my motto for years was  ‘You only get so many heartbeats in life, why waste them on running’.

Now just listen to me.

25kg lost, countless cm’s shrunk, a whole lot of determination gained and an ever increasing level of increased mental health has lead to this.

On friday I began the C25K – couch to 5km challenge – Day 1 went well and I enjoyed it.

Saturday I headed to the gym in the middle of the day – something I would normally hate – but I went as it was the only time I could fit it in. I did a workout on the treadie and elliptical – nothing thrilling just movement.

Sunday we hopped on our bikes and rode to the city to watch the last stage of the Tour Down Under, had a picnic lunch and rode home. 21km and great fun.

Monday was a rest day – as I had worked out Th, F, S & S. And hope to do a lot this week, so a day of relaxing was needed. And enjoyed.  On the couch, eating dinner and watching some tele with my husband 🙂

This morning I was up and off to the gym by 7.10am. I completed day 2 of the C25K and felt great – it almost felt easy. I am tempted to skip day 3 and move to week 2… but will just have to slow myself down and so as to not burn out – I plan to stick to this.

I did a few side crunches, and then 6 mins /1.1km on the rowing machine. My arms needs some serious attention!

When I got home J was still asleep and didn’t even realise that I had gone! lazy bugger!!

Other news is that I have suspended my gym membership for two months. I was forcing myself to go twice per week and only using the two machines, I did not feel like going to classes and had never been in the pool, spa, sauna or steam room! All things I love! Why hadn’t I?

I decided last week that as I wasnt utilising the facilities that perhaps it was not what I needed anymore and that I would do it on my own again.

But now that I have suspended the gym (I can still go till friday) I have used 2 more pieces of equipment and even took my bathers/towel/ thongs this morning to slip into the spa for some chill out time. So why now am I wanting to use it all?? Cos Im leaving??

I have decided to see how I go, wait a month and then rethink the decision. Will I miss it more than I realise? I do love that it is a quiet space (at the times I can go) and that I can escape there…

And in all that fun and activity – I worked too. I have taken on another meeting and now do 5 per week! Phew. I tell you it takes some organisation to balance it all!

Now I am off to grocery shop -Tomorrow is Australia Day and we are heading to a BBQ. I’m thinking of taking Kangaroo kebabs – drool…..

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