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January 20, 2011

That last post was written on Tuesday  – and posted tonight.

A few parts changed since then…. I ended up eating ok yesterday except for the few bars of WW chocs – I am very unimpressed with myself. Unfortunately they left me with a revolting sugar headache that spanned my forehead and lead to me wanting to lay down/vomit/die – or all three! UGGGHH!

At 10pm after putting off  taking pain relief for way too long  (due to being at work and having none) I ate shoved/ pushed a small pieces of cold toast into my mouth and forced myself to swallow. I had to eat something… or risk even worse consequences from the pain relief! The ice pack gave some relief too, and my bed. I woke up with the blasted thing still there – so more pain meds, more ice and more cold toast. Bleeugghh. I hate them. Migraines that is… not toasts. 😥

Today has been spent quietly at a friends drinking cuppas and chatting – but did not include exercise. Or eating to my plan. Fcuksticks.

I am kicking myself over stupidly thinking that I would be ok… I can eat stacks of sugar and not suffer.

Wrong. I cant.

And the sooner I get it into my thick head accept that I cannot eat large amounts of sugar anymore….

the fitter and more active (and thinner 😉 ) I will be.

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