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On track today

January 5, 2011

This morning I posted on FB that I was going to track my food all day  – sticking of course to my daily PP allowance. It was a bit of a putting-it-out-there commitment to myself, as I have been struggling to get it together of late – to get back in line, to stop the sugar and to feel good.

I trucked along well, but around 3.30pm had the unusual feeling of feeling full but at the same time hungry! Weird huh?

I was sitting at some traffic lights when the sensation came over me of how very hungry I was – yet when I thought about my tummy and how it really did feel, I felt full and almost heavy. I believe it was a sugar/boredom craving.  I have heard other bloggers say they experience this and I will admit to the fact that having read what they do it to acknowledge it  made me take stock of how I was really feeling – and what my emotions were at that time. I was bored. Waiting at the lights  – I had no kids in the car – the song on the radio sucked – and cricket was on the other station.

Also as I was so very determined to stay on track today I guess it was also my inner child brat voice saying to me – go on just have something… you can work it off later, you know how to do it….etc etc.

But now, sitting here at 10pm,  I am glad that I listened to me. The real me. The not so bratty one 😉

I have tracked everything today.

I even had Wokinabox for dinner – not the meal I originally planned to have, but I had the green thai curry with rice. Oh gosh this was good – I even was sad when it was finished. But it came with a 19pp price tag 😯 .

I had 13pp left for tea and went to the gym this arvo burning 6pp – so if your quick at maths that cancels each other out and I am left with having a great tasty meal, a good sweaty workout, no extra sugar in my day and eating withing my pp allowance. Good Good Good!

Success all round I say.

But now I really am feeling the need for something sweet –  and I was going to head out and grab a sundae from the golden arches shop – but a few lovely gals had responded to my getting-it-out-there commitment to me on FB – encouraging me to carry on doing a great job – and that small bit of support has made me re-think and no, I wont go. I dont need it – I am over the one small hurdle of day one without giving in to that inner brat….so why waste such a great opportunity and be able carry on this good thing. 🙂

I know in two or three days time when I am feeling good again, when i am feeling les bloated, when I am feeling healthy and fit again – I will be ever so thankful that I did… errr didnt. 😉

So for now I am off to have a cup of tea (yes late at night I know) and even tho I normally only have a 1/4 of a teaspoon in each cuppa or coffee – and I even have 1/4 t measure in the pot…so I know that each cup has the right amount -but tonight I am going to put half a teaspoon of sugar into it (woo what a rebel…) making it a bit sweeter to make me feel indulgent.

Night all!

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