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December 27, 2010

Today is a day at home re-organising, recovering and recommitting.

I was up late….at 7.15am…. heading to the bathroom when I decided that it was a perfect time to head out and exercise. J was still asleep and the girls happy watching the teev.

But what to do.

My gym is closed today so that was out, so I had a few different choices –  I could walk down the creek, I could walk/run to the local school (8km there and back) or I could ride my funky new bike.

Seeing I love to plan ahead – exercise off the cuff for me does not come easy.

The bike won, but with no pre-planning I had no idea where – riding aimlessly around does not appeal. I finally decided that if I did a couple of small ‘drop off stuff’ errands that I have had waiting for when I am in that area, I will have done a decent 45min ride.

But after being out for only 25min and drop offs done – I was still itchy for more. I then went on and took a gander at a friends house build – it was further away than I remember and up a bit of hill (eeeek -huff puff) and at that I knew I was done – the itch had been scratched, it was time for home.

I was out for 1hr 15, rode 20km and burnt a total of 985 cals! Yeehaw. The trophy is mine this week 🙂

Here is a link to what I did….

Now I am off to re-make my house mine again. Have a good one 😀



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