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Weigh in Wednesday.

December 15, 2010

WI comes round fast hey?

Jumped on the scales quickly this morning and I had a loss of 1.2kg!

Last week: 68.2kg 😯

This week: 67kg

I am heading back down again mainly due to not eating quite so much crappy food as I did the previous week. Although I will say that my eating/tracking has not been what I would call fabulous either.

And Its good to know that the excessive weight gain of 2.2kg in ONE week was probably a portion fluid retention from too much salt, and a portion junky food.

But Im down and I do feel better. Each day my fruit and veggie consumption is getting better and better but it is hard to stop the sugar craving. I know I can go without chocolate and sugar for days/weeks at a time and not even worry about them as I have done it before, but at the moment its a tough one to break.


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  1. December 17, 2010 9:10 am

    Hi, I’m River, popped in from Kath Lockett’s Blurb From the Burbs. Scrolled down a bit and saw those fantastic t-cup lolly “cakes”. What a great idea! Now I know how to occupy my grand daughter when I baby-sit for New Years Eve.

    • December 18, 2010 10:13 pm

      No worries River, they are pretty simple but have a huge impact – people love them! Enjoy.

  2. December 18, 2010 9:20 pm

    Congrats on the weight loss! This is not the best time of year for battling sugar cravings. I am having the same trouble and it is interfering with my weight loss. I applaud that you are still losing weight, even with the chaos of the holiday season.

    • December 18, 2010 10:15 pm

      It does have me in a grip…. had a honey joy for breakfast… :O
      but I figure as long as I keep moving, I may lose some of it now, or I will at least stay the same in weight. Either way a bonus. I can then go on and kick the habit again later….

      Thanks for stopping by,

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