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Weigh in Wednesday

December 1, 2010

I missed this last week due to increased business of life 🙂

I have weighed but did it this morning. Normally I would do it Wednesday night but last night at my meeting – the toilets were locked before I got a chance to go, and then I left my ‘light’ clothes at home and had to weigh in in my denim skirt. When I am at my goal weight this would not worry me, but at the moment I am still trying to get back down there – so every bit of excess clothing that I can shed will help.

So this morning…

Last Week: 67kg

This Week: 66.2kg

Wahhoo this is a loss of 800g. yeah!

I will say tho that my tracking was not up to scratch, and I did eat a lot of stuff I shouldnt have. So this week I am going to make the effort to cut back on processed stuff and sugary foods. Even if it does not make huge differences to my weight – it will make me feel better – it will stop me having headaches 😦 and be better for my health overall. Which is what the aim is right?



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