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Gear Up Girl!

November 28, 2010

This week has been a full and busy one – but tons on fun too 🙂

I started the week off with no internet connection for 3 days 😯 how did I cope!!

I also started the week behind in everything after an extremely busy working week at WW – where I was seriously under-prepared mentally, food wise and house wise for working around 20+ hours during the week.

By this Thursday morning we had no healthy food in the house, no housework, washing or exercise done and no real energy to get up and get going on any of those things. All which I put down to not eating properly for 8 days – I had grabbed what and when I could.

Since then things round here have been improving – with all the above now completed and of course… ongoing 😉

But now onto the  fun things!

On Saturday night we were invited to our friends’ 30th Birthday party – a Hero and Villans theme. We received the invite around the 1st of November and J instantly knew who he was going as – as he was going to grow his Movember  ‘Mo’ specially for the party – He went as Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan my Hero!

I wasn’t sure for a while who I wanted to go as, and had thought I would just be Hulk’s girlfriend but on searching I realised she looks super dodgy!I just couldn’t dress as her. So after stumbling round the interwebs for a few hours bit of time – I found Astro Girl and knew then that she was to be my costume theme.

Astro Girl

We both worked pretty hard researching our costumes and tried to make most of it ourselves, or bought pieces at Op shops or had my (super) mum sew things at the last minute. We did not win the best costume award 😦 but I think we both look pretty good.

The Hulk and Astro Girl

The party was great fun with lots of fantastic costumes worn by friends.

She-Ra and the convict who ate all his fellow escapees - Alexander Pearce

and lots of laughs and chatting was had by all.

Jill, Manda, Lea and Nicolle

Then this morning, after such fun, it was up early for the two of us and off into town for a ride for me. I had signed up to do the 35km ride with the  “Gear Up Girl” Bicycle SA fun ride.

It is of course a woman’s only event – so J took our dog, Bella, for a walk round the Torrens.

After signing up on Friday we realised that my current bike was totally inadequate for this style of ride so we raced off to a, not so, local shop to get me a new one!

Wahoo!  I got a bike for Christmas!!!! Just a little early is all. She is a bit like TinkerBell don’t you think?

Me and Tinks...

I have been wanting a new bike for some time, but wanted to see if I really enjoyed riding first before committing to purchasing one. And I have found that I do – and have also discovered that I want to carry on doing longer rides and maybe even competing in a … wait for it… Triathlon… sometime early in the new year!! Who knew a healthy life and losing 25kg could lead to such adventures, and enthusiasm for doing them!!! 8)

The 35km ‘Gear Up Girl’ ride started at Elder park, went down to the beach and then back into town along the Torrens. We had a police escort for most of the way – and had to stick behind the lead Marshall. The ride itself I found really easy – and I soon found myself taking off past the Marshall. Not sure if I was meant too – but she was riding at about 17km/h… a bit too slow for me ( and plenty of others). Given the easiness of the ride I am not sure if that was my fitness levels or the new bike – which by the way has the coolest gears and brakes!! Actually –  they are no different to other bikes but far more newer and efficient than my other bikes ones. Makes riding an ease.


Off we go

All the ladies are off.

See you at the finish

It was a great day, with lots of chatting between riders and I met some lovely women. One, an Irish lady, who is over on a holiday visa – we rode most of the distance together chatting the whole time (that shows how easy the ride was) and another woman I met had  ‘1’ as her race number. When I asked her how she got to have that, she told me she races professionally at the Velodrome, and was the rides ambassador. Wow – she was so interesting to chat to about what she does – I think an evening out the races at the Velodrome is one to plan in for the near future.

J spotted me somewhere along Elder Park during his walk!

The ‘Gear up Girl’ ride had three different levels – 15km round the Torrens, the 35km Beach Ride and a 50km up to Mt Lofty and back. So there is really something for everyone. The youngest person to participate was 5 – she was on a tag-along bike and the youngest to ride on her own was 6! I will be doing the ride again – and maybe next time will extend myself and train up for the 50km! Or perhaps get the kids involved for a fantastic day out.

Who will join me for the next one??? 🙂

Goodness this was a long post – coming up to the 1000 work mark – If only uni essays were so easy to write ;).

Glad to see your still here reading, Thanks!

It has been a busy few days weeks, but as always they are filled with things that I love to do and people I love to be with!

And really isn’t that what life is all about? 😀


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