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Finding Some Balance

November 16, 2010

is often difficult – but it is something that I, and I guess everyone needs to find if they want to remain a healthy functioning person…

At the moment my work is MAD… with the launch of the new WW Pro Points Plan this week, I have been super busy getting organised.

I am a leader for 3 meetings, and I got delivered 15 boxes of stock – but spare a thought for some of the other wonderful leaders who do up to 10! meetings a week…they got 3 pallets of stock!!! All which had to be collated, packed and carried into the different community and At Work meetings for this week. Yikes.

It has taken up more time than I had anticipated but it is worth it as the new plan is great and follows along the same lines of advice as a Nutritionist would give…which being a Nutrition student (although on a break as the moment) is sits well with me.

So in between doing these 3 meeting + 1 more, and being a new leader, learning the 7 (full A4) page script for the Getting Started Session needed for this week, moving many books and bits around my house and into my car – I have had to balance family life, husbands work time, friend gatherings

Dressed for dinner

and following the new plan for myself (to attempt to get back to goal…. :?) there has been barely any decent exercise for some time!

And I miss it. 😦    Who’da thunk it????

So last night was an early one (10.30pm) and I decided that I would set my alarm and get up and go at 6am.

So this morning I finally got up at 6.20am. I didnt have to haul my arse out of bed, but I had laid there for a while thinking how good I would feel if I got up and went… It has been a long time between me and this hour of the morning seeing each other – but once up, I felt fine.

I did 5 mins on the rower and then did interval running on the treadie for 15 mins, with some walking on the hill setting of 6 to finish of the last 10 minutes.

And it felt great. I drove home loving myself silly 😀 at how good it feels to have gotten up AND worked out all before 7.30am! I had forgotten how good, and want to try to keep it up.

On this new plan- I have lost weight, and plenty of CM’s but I have not lost as much weight as I thought I would of – so I took my tracker along to a meeting with 3 other very experienced WW leaders, so they could take a look and maybe point out to me where I could improve.

I had to remember that they were not criticising me, but just being helpful – even still it was hard to sit and listen to them pick my daily eating to pieces. Their conclusion was too much salt and too much sugar.

When I was losing weight to get down to my goal weight – I worked out then that too many excess sugar points in a week stopped me from losing. It turns out my body hasn’t changed much – which sucks to find out, but it is nice to know now what I need to  go back to doing.

I have worked on it the last two days, and for the first time since I began this plan and maybe ever on the Points plan… I have not reached my daily Pro Points allowance!!!!!!!!…and I have felt full and satisfied at each meal and I have eaten well rounded meals. 😯

So it should be interesting to see how my next few weigh in’s go. I do not expect miracles for the WI tomorrow night – as the week before was pretty high in sugar and salt. But certainly it can only do good for my body if I keep it up.

One thing I have noticed is that my food is tasting a bit bland – a sure sign that I have been slowly increasing the salt levels… and the cutting back has worked. 🙂

Bit of a long one this… thanks for reading through to the end! I want to make more of an effort to come along and post each day, and until the launch is done they will be short – but that a good thing too.

Enjoy your sunny day tomorrow – I know I will…. and it will be no added salt!

Oh yes… I just remembered now that I did a big bike ride into the City on Saturday to take the kids to the Christmas pageant… and this is how we took them in….

A bike buggy for two

They loved it – and their Daddy was a hero and towed them in….

ready to roll...

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    November 17, 2010 1:24 am

    looking hot lea! Love your outfit! What a great way to get to the pagent!

    • November 18, 2010 4:23 am

      Thanks Mel, the dress was one that Karen bought for herself, but I didnt fit – yet…. so I scored it to wear till she does.
      We went out for James’ bday. Which was as usual for the rover gang – a laugh and a half… i should post some pics!

      The bike buggy was super cool, the girls loved it. We borrowed it from a workmate of Jons, but wish now we had bought on of our own when the girls were smaller.

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