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Weigh In Monday…

November 1, 2010

Did you have a good week?

This is what I ask my WW members when they come up to weigh…. Normally when they say ‘We’ll see after I weigh’ I say to them ‘I didnt mean about your weight loss – I meant about your week – your activity, your food, your life…’

So did I have a good week? Before I hopped on the scale I thought – Yes.

But when I had hoped on the scales…I was cross – for I had gained weight this week.

Last Week: 66.6kg

This week: 67kg

A gain of 400g.

Now not much really, but it still made me cross to think and feel and know I have done all things right. I have tracked 6 days consecutively, I have stuck within my points range and I have done some exercise this week. I also got to 10,000 steps or more each day. So having done all that and to have gained just makes me so mad.

And I couldnt shake it,  all morning I have stewed on it. Thought, wondered, chatted and I also went back and took a look at my tracker.

Then it was time for my WW At Work meeting, so off I went – weighed them all and one stayed the same. And had the same response as me – ‘What – I tracked, I weighed stuff, I moved more this week then others – why do I still not lose weight…????’

So I automatically went into the spiel saying it could be many things – too much salt, too many sugary foods, TTOTM, Cm’s lost, just one of those things..but at least everything you did do was a step in the right direction. You are making a healthier you….your body is better off for this full week of attention of good food and movement and you will be rewarded with happiness, wellness, strength and fitness.


Time to learn from my own book of knowledge.

So no, this week I did not lose any weight (and I think  it maybe from too many indulgence foods….)but

  • I did ride my bike, child free, in the sun, in a great part of the city and outdoors (where I love to be most) for almost 2hrs
  • I did go for a 40min run/walk
  • I did do 10,000 steps each day
  • I did do a core class at the gym and enjoyed it
  • I did go to the gym 3 times
  • I did track for 6 days straight
  • I did keep to my points allowance for the week
  • I did eat every vegetable that I bought in last lot of shopping – so that my lunch on Sunday couldn’t be made until after the market shopping – as there was not a veg to be seen in the fridge
  • I did put on a pair of pants today that I have not worn in 6 mths
  • I did run three WW meetings where the collective weight loss 34.2kg for the week!
  • I did smile alot
  • I did hug my kids and my husband – several times… and kiss them too
  • I did take more photo’s of these wonderful people
  • I did sit and do 5 scrap page

So you know what??? Yes I did have a good week.

I am fitter, happier and healthier than I was this time last week.

And that’s all that really matters – right?? 😎


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  1. November 1, 2010 5:12 am

    YES – just look at all the ‘dids’ on your list!

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