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I did it!

October 29, 2010

I got up and went to the gym! Yeeehaaaa. Finally I followed thru on that particular promise to myself. I will admit tho that I did NOT want to go, I had to really push myself to get out the door, and did it with the thought of knowledge that I will feel so much better when I was home again – and it would all be worth it!

and it was 😀

I still had to push myself while there, doing a shorter time on the cross trainer (15mins) and walking on the treadmill (25mins) and I clock watched – getting to every 2 1/2 mins and telling myself that I will do 2 1/2 more, and so on and so forth…

Even now sitting here quietly I have no idea why it was so hard this morning. I had 8 hrs sleep, I have been eating well the last few days, I have done some regular walking so I’m not totally unfit, Its not TTOTM, I did not have to get up as I was child free for a few hours today and could have gone anytime…. Ahh well, it was hard, but the main part is I did it anyway, and I know it will make exercising tomorrow that bit easier.

Tomorrow I plan on walking while L is at her dancing class, which goes for 45 mins. Its completely boring sitting around waiting for them, and all the other mothers are in a bit of a clique – even though they probably don’t recognise it. I don’t buy into the whole stage mum thing, and while L loves the class I dont think she is headed for years and years and years of dancing and competitions (and just quietly I am hoping I am not proved wrong…). I mean if L wants to dance then she can and I wont be a spoil sport – but I’m not pushing her in that direction – if you know what I mean 😉

Anyway my eating today has been totally on track. I will get up to my daily allowance and I know I will feel quite comfortable.  J and I even went out and had a coffee together and bought nothing else but the coffee! Unfortunately the coffee I didnt like and pushed it away half way thru. In the end we had to leave the cafe, as I was getting hungry and lunch stuff was being served all around us – and my tum was a grumbling. So in not finishing the yuck coffee I saved myself 1 point to have on something that I did like when I got home 🙂

My steps today are up 10515, at the moment but I am sure they will go a bit higher as it is early…but not too much as tonight I intend on doing some scrapping and sitting on my backside most of the evening!

With that I’m off…

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  1. October 29, 2010 11:38 am

    Yay for you!
    And I hear you on the Mummy Clique thing – I’ve never got into that side of things and, like high school days, they seem to wear a uniform. This year it’s been skinny jeans tucked into Yummy Mummy black boots and flowing cardigans. No wonder I didn’t fit in – scuffy old converse and polar fleece and writing an article supporting public high schools was never going to work!

    • October 30, 2010 12:56 am

      Bahaha on the ‘uniform’, seems its a nation wide one. Yeah you will more often than not find me in my trackies and jacket. and even if I have dressed up for my work as a Weight Watchers Leader, I race home and change to be more comfortable again.

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