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October 22, 2010

We have been at the pool all afternoon today, I didnt swim unfortunately – I… um…well I… huhum have not been to see a beauty therapist recently – and I will leave it at that 😉

During the day was child free for me – so I did some scrapping, something that comes last now on my long list of “To Do’s”. I got three pages finished from start to finish and journalled 3 more , which is more than I have done in a while. It was very nice to finally sit and do what I love.

Next I went and visited my long time friend – Ali. It was so lovely to catch up and smile at her gorgeous little boy. I didnt get to have a cuddle as he was a bit grumpy at first and then he was feeding but he is a cutie and a heart winner! I only had an hour to sit and chat – which is never long enough, and I plan to go and spend an hour more often.

Today was a lazy day on the exercise front. I planned on heading to the gym, but the lure of no children and scrapping time was greater. Then I thought I would swim some laps while J swam with the kids. Then when swimming was out I thought I would come home and head out for a walk. But Nah! I am going to have an early night and watch some tele in bed 😀 and call it a rest day.

Tomorrow gym time has already been booked and organised.

I only got to 3000 steps on my pedometer too – eeeek. Ah well, remember ‘Rest Day’.

Water has been drunk. Yum! speaking of which… I am thirsty!

Food wise I have been on plan, with a few little munches here and there. I have not fully tracked yet but will sit in bed and do it.

This was a great day, filled with all the things I love to do. Now off to finish the day by doing more things I love to do 😉


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