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27 deg – Oh My!

October 21, 2010

Today was just absolutely beautiful!! I even got a little sunburnt. I put sunscreen on both kids, but not me 😳

Bring on summer I say πŸ˜†

Having now finished all my WW meetings for the week, today was my day to catch up with all the small jobs that get pushed aside for work – shopping, washing, house cleaning, errands and banking. I literally have not stopped all day and am only a few hundred steps off 14,000.

I also managed to get in an hours walk. I needed to go to a bank that is in an awkward spot, so I parked the car at the school at 2pm – getting the prime spot too I must say (sucked in you cliquey mums who always snare them ;)) put Miss 3.5 in the stroller and off I went. I ended up walking further than I intended, but it was good to be out in the glorious weather. I made it back to the school with 10 mins to spare so I did a lap of the school grounds – getting to the classroom door as the bell went…yeah!

The only bit that was not good today was that my grocery shopping –Β  which came to $100.30Β  – and it all fitted into 3..yes only 3, of those green bags 😑 That was a terrible thing to see. I didnt really buy much – but I guess what I did was pricey, and the other bits were small things.

Today’s eating was all to plan, all pretty tasty and I even had a glass of wineΒ  – thanks to my one hour walk πŸ˜€

I drank a stack of water – going well over the 2lts. It being such a warm day I think 3lt should be the minimum really – I may have got close to that.

My steps = 14003! yeah…most done so far on this pedometer.

Tomorrow is a child free – work free day for me and I intend on doing what I love to do the most. But now Im off to watch the geeks go silly over some silly but hot looking gals πŸ˜•




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