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Weigh In Monday

October 18, 2010

This morning I planned on heading to the gym… but first up – a jump on the scales.

It is strange going from a Wed night time weigh to a Monday morning weigh. Apart from the difference of night time to morning time weights… the bit that is the hardest is having to think more about it over the weekend, cos when I hit sunday nights  and begin the relaxing time… I suddenly remember! 😯

When I weighed in on Wednesdays, if the Fri, Sat or Sun were a bit off plan or bigger days than expected I still had 3 solid days to cut back, exercise a bit more and generally be more mindful of my eating – so that I could still achieve a loss. But on a Monday… well I need to keep in control all weekend. Its a bit tricky at times, and this week showed that I need to refocus on this.

Last week: 67.3kg

This week: 67.3kg

I stayed the same. This is a teeny surprise as I was sure of a gain. While I have tracked all week, my indulgences have gone a little crazy some days. I did track them all, which resulted in most days being over in points. I am so close to goal again, and my body shape has changed a little again – becoming more like how I was when at goal, I know I got  a little cocky thinking I can do this and being a know all at how much I can eat and still lose. Funny! It backfired on my arse 🙂

I did move alot more, and wore my pedometer each day.

Total steps for the week: 45,500. I also went to the gym twice, and did the heart foundation walk.

I am pleased that I didn’t gain, but I am determined to be more mindful and far less cocky this week.


  • Drink at least 2 Lts water each day
  • Wear my pedometer (keeping a watch out so that it does not reset :evil:)
  • Get to 10,000 steps each day
  • Track accurately and keep indulgence points down to 14.

The last few days I have been having a huge clean-out, it is needed very much and I must admit that I am enjoying getting rid of things that have sat around for YEARS! Like some circa 1997 WW magazines! As if I am ever going to use any info or recipes – ick.. the people all look overdone and foofy and so does the food. Time for them to go.

In the Bin!

Tonight I am off to file and organise some recipes that I cut out of old magazines last night (not 1997….more like 2005 onwards :)) I want to put them in breakie, lunch, dinner and treats – so that when I lack inspiration in plotting my weekly menu I have a quick go to reference – with recipes. I am going to do it while watching ‘Sherlock’. Being a lady, who likes ladies things – when I was younger Sherlock was not something I got into- but this new one… its fast paced and just oh so quirky. Love it.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely evening!


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