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Rainy days

October 15, 2010

Its been so rainy here today – some would say miserable… and yes I will agree but I am generally happy with any weather. Cant change – so gotta go with it 🙂

Yesterday I was so tired and grumpy! I didnt get to sleep until late again, and then slept in again. The day felt very long, and I yelled at the kids more than I should have. I finally got them into bed and sat down on the couch for an evening of lazing. And it was wonderful  – I watched some great shows, ‘Food Safari’ and the ‘ A year with the Joneses’… the family in NT. I even was asleep by 10.30pm. I really needed a night to do nothing.

Today I was up early, feeling energized and had the family organised and out the door easily by 8.30am. I went to a very busy Step class, quite squishy – couldnt even hold your arms out fully sideways without hitting someone. The gym instructor – Julzie – is a popular gal, and a fantastic motivator! Love her classes – they are worth putting up with squishing. 🙂

I have done some baking today, my family are having a Bon Voyage dinner tonight – as my parents and sister and family are flying to Korea for two weeks, and Hong Kong for 1. I hope they have a fantastic time and see and do all they hope too. I wish them all the best for this adventure….

So I have baked full butter, full fat cream, sugar – all original bad for you real deal cupcakes. In flavours Honeycomb, Raspberrry and Choc Chip. They look delicious!I will put a picture up tomorrow. I have no idea how many points each one is… I could work it out – but I feel very scared too.

I have been very good and not eaten any of them yet – I had a few licks of my finger at the end – but I am saving one for me to have after tea with a cuppa. Cant wait.

I have been wearing my pedometer religiously! and doing so well. Today I was up to around 8000 steps not including my gym class…. and then the *&^%#$ reset itself on me. 👿 This is a new one and its also the 3rd or 4th time this has happened, and I am seriously thinking bout going back to my old one. Grrrr.

Its time for me to get moving. I am also making a coleslaw to take with me… not mayo style but an Asian Style WW recipe…shhh dont tell the family!

Till tomorrow!


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