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A day at home…

October 6, 2010

could lead to several post today – as I may need to get some time away from children.

Still got this lurgy, and have had to turn down some fun and exciting activities today due to it :(. We all are feeling unwell – L vomited last night x 2 and A has a terrible cough that makes people stop and stare at you. So a day at home is needed wanted forced upon us. I hope the healing begins soon.

One thing I really REALLY need to do today is shopping for groceries. And I cant say it strong enough just how much I hate shopping with children!!!! I can tolerate (almost) oneΒ  – but I have to take two today…. lordy lordy help me!

This all comes from my mum, yes yes I will blame her! She always did the weekly shopping on a Saturday morning, shopping in the same centre for years. And because we were a family of 6, involved in scouting and the theatre show, family day care and a big presence at the local primary school and she liked to talk to everyone these Saturday morning shopping trips would often last for 4-6 hrs. None of us kids were allowed to go, we had to stay home and wait, wondering and I’m sure often asking Dad…just how long she was gonna be. I recall Dad saying that she had probably met someone she knows… or two or three or four people.

So I blame her πŸ˜‰ for the fact that I hate to shop with kids. Love you mum!! πŸ˜†

I do know plenty of people that take their kids, and good on them – for they are better mums than me πŸ™‚

It is something that I will never get better at, but I wonder though if my kids will be the same??

So onto eating.

I have had it in my mind for the past couple of days that I have been doing really well, I am tracking everything and Im on track for a great weightloss this week. But I had a bit of look through my tracker for the last 2 days…and I mean I actually read out loud (always good for pointing out the obvious) the food I have shoved in my mouth – and it scared me to see hear that I have eaten a large amount of sugar and foods that are really not all that good for me. The lack of groceries does not help, and a smattering of I-have-done-this plenty-of-times-before-I-know-what-I’m-doing ignorance on my behalf does not help either.

So the lesson learnt in early scouting days…BE PREPARED is still strong for me as ever. For effective weight loss – being prepared is a key part to it, shopping in advance and keeping healthy food around you and un-healthy food away.

So today I am going to cut out the sugary foods, track, eat wisely and of course shop for good foods.

I want a good result on the scales next week!

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    October 9, 2010 5:12 am

    I hear you there lea! I have had a terrible couple of weeks due to not having much food around. Being prepared is definitely the key for me!

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