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Oh! What a Weekend!

September 20, 2010

This recap is large…get a cuppa and settle in 😀  So much good stuff happened!

Friday – was the day that my eldest daughter was ill, and I had a change of plans, and while my evening was nice – it was not at all like I had intended. Ahh motherhood huh?

Saturday was a little sleep-in, but I got up quickly and took the dog down the creek for  a walk, while I did a series of running/walking intervals.

I remember how good I felt when I was running last year – trim and fit… and I especially loved the smug feeling of privately knowing that I can run a distance greater than many others 🙂

So on Sat I did 4 lots of running:

  1. 1 min 30
  2. 2 mins
  3. 2 mins
  4. 2 mins

I waited to get my heart rate back down to 135 bpm before beginning again. It was fun to run again, and I was surprised at how quickly it got easier as I went on. Next time I plan to increase it by 10%.

Perhaps a triathlon is in my future…???

Home then, packed fast and off to scrapping, what fun! Sitting, chatting, cutting, sticking, chatting, coffee and obviously more chatting. I  achieved 5 pages on the day – and that’s 5 more than I have done in a whole month, so worthwhile going.

While all this chatting was happening J was driving round doing all the odd jobs that I had planned on doing Fri night, but couldn’t due to having a sick child at home. He then dropped her off at his parents, even though she was still ill* – as they agreed to have her so that we could continue our plans (love them to bits :D). Poor little chick – but I will say the dramatics she put on did make it easier for him to un-stick himself and gleefully wave goodbye!

He then drove all the way back out to me, dropped off the car, said hi to the scrapping girls (while fully resplendent in Lycra…;)) and jumped on his bike for a ride up to Stirling!He is becoming quite the road rider!  When I was done I drove up to meet him – and finally begin our 10yr Wedding Anniversary weekend.

We stayed at the Stirling Hotel – in their brand new suites up- stairs aptly named “5 Rooms” – this being that there is only 5 rooms, all executive and ranging up in grandness from 1-5. We were in room 3… take a look!

Ooh Ahh. It was so nice! All very modern and swish, furnishings were soft and clean and everything thought of – King bed, thick and uber soft woolen underlay, paper in the morning, small kitchenette just outside your door with coffee machine, pods of coffee, gallons of milk, games to play and Blue-Ray Discs to watch. And YES the bathroom had its own flatscreen TV that linked in with the Blue-Ray player… so that you could watch. a. movie. in. the. bath!

*singing* HEAVEN!

Did I forget the Bath!?! – the bath to trump all baths! As wide as my arm span, and clearly deep enough for all to not see any nekids of mine 😉

I reckon I spent a good 7hrs in that baby. Filled it four times – there has been plenty of rain, right? so no need to feel the guilt of water restrictions…..  Anyway it was one of the highlights of my weekend. Sigh. I miss it already.

Saturday night we wanted to eat simple so we chose to go down to the Stirling Hotel’s Bistro. I had S&P Squid – which was okay… but never how good my memory of that stuff is! After a while the oil just gets too much and I have to stop eating. Damn you healthy eating for changing my taste buds 😉 J had a burger… mmm.

Sunday – I woke at 5.30am with a stomper of a headache. Now it could of been that I had a migraine. OR it could of been because I had only had 4.5hrs sleep, or it could of been the 4 glasses of wine and one sparkling shiraz…??? who knows really???? My bets on the migraine.

Breakie was had back at the Bistro – as a $50 voucher comes with the room! So we ate up with eggs, bacon, mushrooms,toast, hashbrowns, OJ and coffee. Ahh just the very thing for a hangover migraine. We made sure we had plenty in our bellies as we knew we would not be eating dinner till late that evening.

Next was a quick trip to Hahndorf to walk away two hours, a HUGE breakie and what may or may not be a hangover migraine. ahem.  Lovely spot up there, but way too many girlie shops for me. I can go in one or two… and then I am right royally over browsing – as I know Im not going to buy anything. Well maybe just some liquorice at the lolly shop 😛  On the way back to the car I stopped off and had palm and tarot reading! Wow I know. I have wanted a reading or something done for some time, and today was perfect for it. She was very interesting, not really telling me anything that I didnt already know – but lets just say she said stuff that was me. Now I’m totally on the fence with this one… I am whimsical enough to believe, but also sensible enough to doubt. It was fun all the same, and life is meant to be about doing things outta your comfort zone – right? I enjoyed it all the same.

Phew – this is turning out to be a mammoth one, and I still have the cooking class to get through. I think I may end this recap here, and do a separate post tomorrow. Otherwise you will all be bored to tears 🙂

I will leave you with two pictures taken tonight – one of me and gorgeous 6yr old! and the other showing the cheekiness of my 3yr old – she poked that pooh bear up just as the photo was about to be taken… she has a great sense of timing that girl!

Cheekiness in action

L and I

Chat soon!

*She is much better now, and had made a full recovery by the time she returned home – ahh parenting is so much easier that way!

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    September 20, 2010 1:37 pm

    oh I am so jealous of the bath! But I had an awesome weekend too that ended with a “migraine”! Lol I’ll blog soon

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