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Sun shine.

September 6, 2010

The sun is out today and its just so nice! The rain that we have had is fantastic too – but to see sun…. well its just good for the soul!

I have had a busy few days with lots of  family gatherings, good food and some house painting thrown in.

J’s days off are generally packed to the max, as he works 10 days  then has time off. So we figured now was a good time to paint our bedroom and the hallway. The area’s look so good, fresh and clean, like coming home from a holiday but no unpacking 🙂

My eating has been good, I have tracked Thurs, Fri and Mon. Sat and Sun I decided not to – as we ate out 4 meals of 6! and its almost impossible to be able to record much. The two lunch meals out were huge, and we were still eating late into the afternoon – so I counted them at tea and only had a bit of fruit at tea time. And also I was still full from the lunch goodness!

I have kept my exercise up as well, going to the gym 4 times last week.

Saturday morning I did a class called ‘Boxercise’, all sorts of movements done with gloves, pads and a partner. It was a great workout – all over – but my partner (a random other who I dont know) kept skipping out of sets early… like when we had to do 10 left/right punches she would count a left as 1 – then a right as 1… so in the end she only did 6 sets. More fool her – she is only cheating herself.

I felt great and it certainly showed that I was fitter… which she did not like! She kept saying things like  ‘Gee I can tell I have not been for 3 weeks’ ‘wow how fast does fitness drop’… I think she noticed too. 🙂 made me feel good…..

We are moving all stuff back into our bedroom today – and I have a meeting planned with my area manager from WW today… wonder what it will bring??

I also have some photo’s of food that I have made and eaten to put up later on. And this week I am determined to work out how to post recipes!

Till later….

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