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August 29, 2010

Today was a glorious day! And I have been so very active – it was nice to be warm, it was nice to wear a t-shirt, it was nice to wonder if I should have a hat on and it was nice to turn my face to sun (for a few seconds…:))  and bask in its warmth!

I have been on a 30min walk today,  push mowed the front lawn, weeded the front and back gardens, cleaned up the back garden, cleaned the house and then vacuumed and mopped the house. Phew – what a productive day! And there is also the usual kid watching etc etc in there too.

Today I reached my goal of 3000 cals burnt on my polar watch. I am happy thrilled to have done that, as previous weeks I have achieved  2000-2200. This no. I often reached easily and it was nice to challenge myself and  up my exercise level, and to not be hurting all over feels great!

Todays eating has been alright really, nothing too flash – a tasty mushroom omelet for breakie, crackers – ham – cheese – pickles and hummus for lunch, a hokkien noodle stir fry for tea and a MONSTER orange for dessert – There was 350g of flesh on this baby!! and it was so delish.

Yesterday didnt go as planned, as I called into my mums for a cuppa after the girls dancing lessons – and left 4 1/2 hours later 😯 I get stuck there chatting – and the time just gets sucked away!  It was nice to catch up with my brothers and mum and dad – so I dont mind really… and my girls just LOVE being there. It may having nothing to do with the biscuits kept in the jars on the dining room table – or it might have everything to do with them 😉

I try to keep well away from the jars but the pull of sweet biscuits is often more than I can resist. I had one granita and one choc chip. yum.

Then last night was my mums group dinner – we went Moroccan. We chose to have the banquet and everything was so tasty! Very sweet, but full of flavour. I tried for the first time a whole date. I have them in cakes and muffins – but have never eaten them on their own – and these were stuffed with a sweet nut mixture. :mrgreen: so it wasnt really on it’s own….. I will try them soon.

I had eaten foods during the day to keep me satisfied, and had decided that I was not going to worry to much about the food I ate at dinner – butstill to not go crazy.  I tried everything – and went back for seconds of the vegie dish – all for health reasons of course 😆 I left the restaurant not feeling overstuffed, but nice and comfortably full. We then headed to a famous dessert/coffee restaurant hollow called “Spats” – where the rooms are dimly lit by coloured globes, the tables are little and surrounded by comfortable couches and the whole place feels very intimate and bordello like. Fun. Just what a group of chatting,laughing, fun loving girls need!

Da Girls

I ordered a caramel Frappacino – which came with whipped cream on top – oh my. I never have cream on top of any of my coffee’s but wanted to indulge a little. It was nice – but not something I would go for again.

It was a lovely evening – full of good food, good laughs and above all good friends! Lets do it again sooner….

Right now I have the evening free  – So Im off to use it wisely and do some scrapping 😀

I leave you with a photo of my porridge from yesterday – currants, roasted chopped almonds and maple syrup. Yum!

Dont you just want to spoon this in?

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