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Bargaining with myself.

August 17, 2010

If you want to know how I get out of bed at 6am (most mornings) to go to the gym – read on.

This morning: My alarm went off at 6.05am,  I pressed the 4min  snooze….twice… at the end of such time I was awake enough to begin to formulate a plan about how I could get out of getting up this early for the gym, how I could stay in my warm bed and how I could go at another time, sometime during my day.

This is what my lazy/sneaky body rationalised….’A is going to kindergym with her papa, so they would be out till at least 10.50am, and I’m going to L’s school assembly at which she is speaking, 9.15-10am… I could leave the assembly early and squeeze in a quick half hour – just. Or I could hope that papa keeps A just that bit longer and they go on an outing – so then I would have plenty of time. But what if he doesnt?…What if he is home early, what if the assembly runs till 10.15… then my carefully thought out routine will be ruined and I will be cross. Cross that I wasted a good AM workout time. But Im so warm. But you will be pissy that you wasted the only time during the day that you can guarantee that you are free from kids to do a workout. And its weigh in day tomorrow….’

By this time its 6.18am and I’ve argued with myself for 5 whole minutes and woken myself up completely, I may as well get up huh?  So I do get up and am half way dressed before i can even think of a better alternative/excuse.

Its now 6.30 and Im in the car with the heater on.

I tell myself – “right half hour ONLY. no more. just do a quick 15 mins on bike, 15mins on treadmill – keep my heart rate between 125-140 (fat burning only) then go home”

But once my ipod is on, and I’ve ridden the first 5 mins, I’m warmed up, fully awake and singing away happily –  I forget my deal… do 20mins on the bike – with HR around 150-160, then 17 mins on the treadmill at an incline of 4 – speed 6.3… 3 min cool down slow walk – then 5 mins stretch.  Total 45mins, 480 cals burnt and its only 7.30 am.

I’m done for the day, and can walk around smugly knowing that I wont have that pressure that I have not exercised today, and that I should. Its done :mrgreen:

My MIL called it Sanctimonious. And that is how I feel.

Sometimes the lure to stay in bed is so great! But if you can just  get over the temptation of staying in bed, by either telling yourself  that the workout is  for a short time only, or by just getting up and getting dressed automatically and not think about what your doing – perhaps imagine that your still in bed! Im sure your fingers will know how to do the work on their own…. the reward of an AM workout is so wonderful.

Try it.

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  1. Chelle permalink
    August 18, 2010 2:10 am

    Nope!!! Bed is too warm My little man is too cuddly and I wont get that forever. That said I get it and know I should do it! LOL But I have lost 1kg so I cant be doing too bad. Keep inspiring me lea! xox

  2. Mel Gedge permalink
    August 20, 2010 1:56 am

    wish I could go at 6am! But Philip is so unpredictable! Oh well one day, I just need to keep motivated! How do you keep track of your burned calories?

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