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Op Shoppin Madness.

August 14, 2010

The last few days have been go-go-go all day, and I’m pooped.

Friday I have the day off from the kids, one at school the other with her Granny for some much loved one on one.  So I had a full day planned – up early to gym for a workout, waxing appointment, some study, fill – ice and decorate a belly cake for a friends baby shower, take kids to a play cafe with friend/kids and walk with friend while her husband ‘watches’ the kids. All went fine, but it was back to back, and when I finally got home at 8.30pm and got the kids into bed I was stuffed! But I had an even bigger day planned for today so I raced round cleaned up, did two loads of washing, made lunch for me and packed bags. Phew. So with two big workouts (1100cal burn) and a day that started at 5.5am and ended at 11.30pm –  I was more than ready for bed.

Today began at 6.20am – I was up and walking (in wind and rain) before I knew it! But I had my ipod on – and power walked up the first hill to “Its raining men”… and by the end of that song was warmed up and happy to be out in the world.

Once home I showered and dressed and was off for an exciting adventure. I was going on an Op Shop Bus Tour! J had bought me a ticket for my b’day back in March, and I had a friend going to this one – so I joined in.

We began at 9am in the city, and went on to another 4 others over the next 4 hours – and at each one we got 20% extra discount for being on the tour. We all had a blast, laughing and trying on clothes.. being jealous at others for their finds… and getting some honest advice from these new friends at what clothes looked good and what didn’t. I ended up spending around $85 and came home with around 20-25 items of clothing, some for me and some for my girls. Pants, tops, jackets and skirts. It was a wonderful day!

Eating wise: I took all my own and munched on it on the bus. It really helped me keep on track, and when I went to the baby shower this afternoon – I really didn’t eat all that much – picked at a few bits – but came home and had a late dinner of  two pieces of toast, one with the last bit of baked beans and spaghetti, not mixed together of course 8O.

But now after reading all that I have done over the last two days I really feel that I need to head off to bed and get some well deserved rest. Going on my last post about slowing down I need to start that slow time now, rest well and be up early to get started on some much needed study, tomorrow we have nothing planned all day – barring a family dinner at my mums. I want a quiet week, and will have to look at what I have to cancel to achieve that – no more tears for me in bio prac this week!

Sweet Dreams….

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    August 16, 2010 12:43 am

    wow, that op shop tour is definitely worth it!

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