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Weekends are tough.

August 9, 2010

Wow two days have flown by… but boy are they tough on eating to a points level of 18!

Saturday was dancing lessons for the girls, then a bike riding party in the city for one of our friends little boys – who turned 5.

I rode my bike in – which was good to get back on it again and try out my new helmet I recently purchased with a voucher from my birthday.

I took all my own food in and did well at not snacking on chips etc, I had a salad sandwhich to which I added a cooked kanga sausage and some beetroot dip – it was delish – but I was pretty full from having a protein shake not long before hand šŸ˜¦

I tried to stay away from the tasty looking CHOC birthday cake, but couldnt – so I had a small bit – then another small bit and some pickings of the lolly topping it had on it. I had to tell myself to stop! before it got out of hand. It was nice though :mrgreen:

Tea was some cous cous, beef cooked in yogurt and some roasted veg. I was not overly hungry, so we ate latish – 8.30pm -probably a bit too late.

Sunday exercise wise was a free day – but we had planned to go to a local Science fair at the show grounds, and had planned to be there for several hours -so I knew I would be on my feet for a while šŸ™‚

But man oh man it was BUSY! šŸ˜Æ it was a free event – so not surprising really. There was so much hands on stuff for the girls to look at and do – and plenty of shows every half hour to watch. We had a great day – although quite stressful at time with a determined to do it by herself 3.5yr old and thousands of people!

And while we did have lots of fun – I admit we walked out a bit grumpy… too much of everything in there…people, noise, stress and kids. eeeek. oh and pushy mothers – my favourite šŸ‘æ

We packed a salad/ dip/ pita lunch, but mostly I snacked on the girls chicken nuggets and chips šŸ˜³ until I was a bit overstuffed. Which could account for the grumps….

Dinner was half a spaghetti toasted sandwhich. just enough to top up the tum again.

Today has been a day on track again, although I have struggled with snacking – or wanting to. Probably because of different sugary/fatty snacks on the weekend.

B: Cereal, milk, apple = 4p

L: Mug of mocha, 1 slice of thick bread, baked beans, pear = 7.5

D: Fish, roasted veg, salsa, sour cream = 3

S: salada, peanut butter, bellis fruit bar, sm bowl cherios, milk = 5.5

Total: 20.5

A little over my hoped for 18p – but still under my normal total of 21p

I do feel comfortable, not full and not hungry – so that should be the gauge šŸ™‚

Exercise: 20 cross trainer, 20 min treadmill

Well I need to go help in the kitchen and tidy up ready for a packed day tomorrow – lec at 8am, friends visit, new born baby cuddles and maybe a walk with friends and a good chin wag.

Sleep tight.

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