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Glad and Sad.

August 5, 2010

Today has been a successful day for me eating wise. After writing up my post last night I dug out an old WW program book – a week 1 and decided to follow it to the absolute – going back to the basics – just like our new members do who seem to have a lot of success doing so. I need some action.

I hopped into a toasty bed and wrote out the weeks menu, trying to stick to what they said and fitting it in with family activities and uni.

Today I followed it well and having a full day at uni, 9-2 with no gaps helps, as I have to take my own food or starve!


Breakfast (B): Bircher Museli – oats, milk, yogurt, grated apple, currants = 4.5points (p)

Lunch (L): Cheese, carrot stix, cucumber stix, snow peas, toasted tortilla cut into wedges =4.5 p

Dinner (D): Beef Stir-Fry – broccoli, carrots, mush, snow pea, onion&garlic, ginger, hoi sin, sweet chilli, soy, Rice = 6 p

Snacks (S): Healtheries Potato Stix, Orange, Jarrah Drink, handful cherios =3p

Total for Day: 18p

Exercise: None

And seeing today is Thursday it is time for a picture of my WW recipe dinner. I normally dont follow stir-fry recipes – but tonight I did…well a bit  😉

Notice the Yellower than Yellow rice 😯 I did not cook any rice as I knew there were two half cup serves in the freezer… well I was right on the serves its just that they were of saffron rice  – it was a little strange – a mix of cultures but ok. I ate it and enjoyed.

Now I am enjoying my jarrah hot choc, and that is the days eating done for me. I must admit that while 18p does not seem alot number wise – when I look at what have eaten, and think about how I feel, I know I have eaten alot – but am not stuffed full.  I have felt hungry, but mainly because I ate breakfast at 7.30am and didnt get to have any lunch till 1pm – So the hunger pangs stuck round for a bit after eating. They did pass though.

I’m thinking now that perhaps my portion sizes had got a bit out of control and my picking at bits left over from the kids was more than I thought. Well this week will tell.

Tonight we have received some sad news regarding one of DH very sick relatives, my thoughts are with the family while they wait out this tough time.

Well, bed time for me, I want to be up early to exercise…as plans have changed for tomorrow – surprise surprise – but I am in the know earlier this time and can make changes to suit me too! :mrgreen:

What will you do today to be a healthier you?

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