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So very busy doing….

August 2, 2010

anything and everything that was not in my days plans!

Yesterday I had a girls morning tea at 10.30am, which then continued on throughout the entire morning, lunch time, afternoon tea time and then straight through dinner. phew.

There was only four of us girls, two of them pregnant (one due any day) and four kids – and a stray husband….and we had a lovely time.

I made roasted pumpkin and capsicum dip with veggie dippers and kept the tea and water flowing all day, the other girls bought an assortment of goodies that were yummy and filling.

A fun, happy and delish food day!

Today was my mums group day, a group of girls thrown together by our local council just cos our babies were born within the same 3 months…. and what a bunch of gals they are.

We all hit it off right from the beginning and have been meeting every fortnight since…. for almost 6yrs now! It is always a lovely day filled with lots of chatting, some kid minding, lots of tea and a tasty lunch. We hang out together for the whole day – from dropping the kids off to picking them up from school. I will be very sad to have this time of my life end 😦 as they are a wonderful support network, and fabulous friends too.

But today… in continuing my theme of changed plans…. my youngest was sick during the car ride into school – so we dropped the eldest off and came home. And I had to miss out… a big shame. But on a happier note, my daughter is now feeling much better. I suppose a day on the couch, wrapped in a blanket watching a movie is a must do for any girl sometimes!

My eating today has been really good, as i normally pack a lunch to take along. So i continued to eat that all day.

I also got up and went to my new gym at 6.30am this morning…at a cold 7 deg…. Brrrr.  Today was the first time I have been that early to this gym, and I liked it. I used to go at 6am almost everyday at my old gym, and I love the feeling of having worked out, then home and showered by 7.30am. The day floats by with happy thoughts of  ‘I can sit on the couch tonight cos I have already exercised’… LOVE it. 😀 Although getting up at 5.45am does take a bit of getting used to  and going to bed before 10.30 is a  must for getting plenty of rest. I recall that I built up to it gradually. I will have to do the same again I think.

Well Im in need of my bed tonight, as I am riding my bike to an 8am lec at uni. I ride to the city which is about 14km away, and it takes me around 45-50mins to get there. Makes me feel great after but during is a tough workout. Although its one I need to burn off the fat accumulated from study last semester…. My time at uni is beginning to get busy again and Im only doing two subjects at the moment! I went thru some horrible times last semester studying full time – and never want to do that again!

Off for beauty and workout rest… Lea 🙂

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  1. Nicolle permalink
    August 3, 2010 7:47 am

    We’ll be needing the dip recipe Leanne, it was yummy. 🙂

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