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Smooth Zumba Moves

July 30, 2010

I went to my first Zumba class last night – it certainly was an interesting way to exercise.

I did enjoy it, and while I did not find it to be a real hard cardio/sweaty workout my legs and calves were hurting by the end of the 45 mins, which can only be a good thing.

Some others there were slightly less co-ordinated than I was, but good on them for sticking it out, having some fun and moving their body for a  full 45 mins, I’m sure they will find their rhythm and end up being smooth as. We had to wear little jingly-beaded- wrap around the waist-skirty things.. and at first I was hesitant but it certainly made the hip pushing out fun-er, made you really flick your hips :). I did enjoy the class, and while I wont be rushing back for tonight’s class I will do it again sometime soon!

I am also hoping on this blog to show a Weight Watchers recipe that I have made during the week. I want to make it on a Thursday night, as this is the day I struggle the most in eating healthy balanced meals. I know it has lots to do with the fact that I weigh in on Wed, and I have in my head that it is a whole week till weigh in and I can work it off… :/ So I am hoping that planning to cook a new meal (out of the new cookbooks) each week will help keep me on track.

Last night I made Apricot Moroccan Chicken, out of the new “Cook TASTY”  book – and let me say that it was delicious!!!! I had to change the recipe a bit… which is something I always do – I just cant help myself… but always only for the best reasons!

Not sure if I can put up the recipe.. will check on that – but lets just say we both ate with lots of mmmmm’s. I am going to tick that recipe in  the book, and will definitely be making it again!


Today I am at home in the quiet, and have set the time aside to study, and do a bit of walking, so I best be getting on with my plans so that I wont be cross with myself later on this evening.

I also hope to do a post soon on ‘Who am I’… explaining a bit about me.

Have a great day!

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