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And so I begin.

July 29, 2010

Post numero uno is always a tricky one to write – what do I put down, how much info? all the while trying to not sound like a fool… one who seems to like the sound of their own words ringing in their ears.

While I do intend for this blog to be known, at the moment I have one reader – moi.  So I think I will start of writing as if lots are reading this – hundreds – thousands…millions even.  It will help me get over the fact that I’m typing this to myself.

The reason I have started this place of health and happiness:

I LOVE to read blogs… all sorts of blogs. I have a google reader account that I check daily, go look it up if you have no idea what I’m talking about – but if you love blogs to bits then its the tool for you. I have a few blogs in particular that I read first – they are all about healthy living, eating whole foods, exercising for fitness and health and generally living life to the full. Which is how I aim to live my life everyday.

Most of these blogs are American gals, and while what they write is super informative and interesting – I wanted to find healthy living blogs written by Aussie’s – and am sad to say I had not much luck.

I feel the need to be able to read about healthy products here in Australia and make yummy healthy recipes that are converted into our measurements…. So I thought I would make my own blog 🙂

A few dot points on what I hope to achieve with this little here blog:

* A place for me to come and chat about my activities to get back to my goal weight and to my former fitness level and body shape.

* A place for me to chat about my weight loss past & present

* A place to chat about what I’m learning at uni.

* A place to keep me inspired daily to live my life the way I wish it to be.

I hope that others will join me sometime in the future, and that this can be a place of inspiration, learning, tasty goodies and above all fun.

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