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January 30, 2015

I have not participated in one of these before…. but I like it and hope to keep it up.

I read this on the blog ‘All the Weigh’ written by Kenlie, who I have been reading for sometime now.

Thoughtful Thursdays on All the Weigh

Go to if your keen to do the same and remember to link it to her blog via the comments.

Where I Live

1. Where do you currently live? I live in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

2. Have you lived in your current state throughout your entire life? No – I have moved around quite a bit, due to a parent in the Navy, and traveling around Australia when we were in our early 20’s.

3. If you answered no to Question 2, then where else have you lived? I have lived in New South Wales, Canberra, Victoria, Northern Territory and Queensland – so all the Aussie States/Territories except Western Australia.

4. What is the coolest thing about your city/town? Adelaide is considered small when comparing to the cities in the Eastern states – but I like it. There is always a 2-3 point of separation, you will always, always know someone similar. I like the casualness of the place, that you don’t have to be a high flyer to be able to afford to live, that you can be a one income family and survive, that you can wear what you want regardless of fashion, that it is only a 40 min drive from the city out in all directions until you are at the “end” of the city outer limits. The beach is 20 mins from my house – the hills 20mins the other way.
I just love the weather too – Hot and dry in summer… cold, but not freezing in winter.

5. Are there any holidays that your state goes all out to celebrate? If so, tell us about it. Australia Day is huge here, well for all of Australia in general, it is on January 26th – so right in the hot part of summer, people BBQ at home and at parks, listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 {Radio station top 100  songs of the year countdown}, relax and sit in/by a pool. Public Holidays {PH} are a big deal here too – we have 13 of them over the year – and they are a welcome break from the usual routine. They are PH for the Queens Birthday, Easter, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Australia Day, Christmas Day and others. We love em! And not just for the time off work, but also for the pay – if you work it is generally paid at double time and a half on a PH! Woo hoo.

6. Describe your neighborhood (climate, scenery, etc.) I live about 9km from the Central Business District, in a new suburb that was once a paddock on the outskirts of the city – It has only been built on in the last 10 years, the suburbs and home surrounding our estate are 30+ years old. We are high on a hill, there is a creek that runs past our house {way below us}, aptly named Dry Creek, for South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent. Our average rainfall is 553 mm, with June being the wettest at 80mm. So not much rain falls here. There is a great walkway that runs along this creek line, we walk and ride it often.
We have four definate seasons here – HOT in summer, Autumn is cooler and we have great displays of colourful leaves, Winter is cold but not freezing, Spring is fresh and lovely – with the anticipation of summer.

7. What do you wish you could change most about the place you live? I wish I had a bigger back garden, with more room for the kids to run and play in – I also wish that it was not on such main roads, so we could know the kids are safe to ride their bikes to school.

8. Describe your home. What’s your favorite thing about it?  I live in a 10 year old house, it is built in the current style that Aussies love – single story, big open plan living/kitchen  – back yard that is made for entertaining. I love that this house is new, and had all the mod cons  – I hate the small yard that comes with new house blocks.

9. Where do you shop for groceries? We shop at Foodland a locally owned supermarket chain…. Woolworth and Coles Myer are the other two main players or Duopoly, they are big and money hungry, and have bought up most of the outlining businesses – service stations, liquor shops, farms etc. I hate that. I try to buy local foods where I can, I try also to buy Fruit and veg at the local growers markets.

10.. What is your favorite regular activity in your city/town? We go to the beach quite often, as it is only ‘down the road’. Our beaches are sandy and lovely, the water is cool but not freezing and the waves are small – it is perfect for a walk or a quick splash. I love being there! One day I will live near a beach.

Bounce up and down…..

January 26, 2015

Mostly my days plans don’t go as I would have them go. I think this is due to us {me and the husband} being quite happy to change plans at a moments notice – such as calling in to my parents house for a cuppa on the way home from an event, rather than going home and making the kids go to bed on time. I think this is also due to it just my lot in life.

Yesterday, we headed to one of the newest crazes in town – “BOUNCE is a spring-loaded urban playground with a wide range of things to do with kids; where hard surfaces are replaced with circus-grade sponge, giant air bags and springs”.

We booked our session and paid our money on line and headed there yesterday for 5pm. While waiting for our time slot, we viewed the trampoline playground from above on the mezzanine floor and I commented to J that the amount of women over the age of 35 for startling few. As in 1, possibly 2. There were a few more Dads/Men around – but only 5-10…. it is a very young activity to partake in it seems.


Well, I had paid for the four of us to Bounce, and bounce I would – even if in the very, very minority of the session.

First we lined up on the ‘bounce along a long trampoline and jump into an air and foam filled pillow’ – the girls went first, then J and then me. Boy was I nervous…mainly about getting out of that foam and air pillow – and I wasn’t far wrong. It took more strength and ab muscles than I thought to maneuver my body from an upside down-legs in the air position to an upright, climbing out of the cushion position. But I did it.

Here I am “flying” through the air….


gee I actually thought I went really high…..

We all had another go or two of this activity, and as I was standing off to one side clearing a piece of dust out of my eye, when I noticed that J had ‘bounced’ off the tramp into the air cushion and had not surfaced. I then noticed the attendance helping him up and watched as he limped up the walkway and back to the seating area and the attendants were calling for ice.


We had been there 10 minutes.

And he sat out the rest of the session, with a very pained expression on his face. Partly due to missing out and mostly due to actual pain. Sigh.

The girls and I carried on our Bounce session, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and remained uninjured, and I was one of the eldest there! Although now I may have some understanding as to why not many mums/older ladies Bounce….. your Pelvic Floor Muscles need to be strong, very strong……..for one hour of jumping up and down certainly puts them through their paces!!!  I had thought about this situation will admit here to being properly prepared for any potential mishaps…… I didn’t want to be the old, overweight and wet crotch’d woman on the trampolines!!!

Here are some of the other trampolines we bounced on and highlights of the day out…..


And back to having plans not go as planned for me…. Now I have a husband with torn ligament {a trip to emergency at the local hospital confirmed} who is on complete rest for a few days. So out nice dinner out ended with salad and chips from the local chip shop, an emptied-wardrobe-into-the-lounge-while-we-paint {that is only half done}, back to school for the kids tomorrow and a family gathering in a park to attend today. Sigh.


And back to that salad and chips last night – I ate way, way, way too much! Our local chip shop has the most delicious chips, and I just could not stop munching them. And then when we went to pick up J, we all had a Macca’s Ice-cream cone – I ended up feeling really sick.

So this morning, while I lay there at 5:15am with a growling, groaning digestive system trying to clear the crappy food out…. I hatched a plan to get up and go to the gym, this public holiday Monday. And by 5:55am I was on the treadmill walking my way to a better day…. 6.5km and 8000 steps later and I felt so so so much better! I really needed to move – move my body, move my mind to a better place for the day and move my thoughts away from the hatred I was feeling for myself and my eating last night. AND it worked.

I need to move now too – with a husband laid up in bed, all those small jobs are now mine and I have a lot to do!

Have a great day. Happy Australia Day!

Slow day without children.

January 23, 2015

I have a day off! I am without kids today as they slept at their grandparents last night. I have planned all week what I am gonna accomplish….. so much, such long to-do lists…

So far I driven to the shops to buy cat food, cleaned up the kitty litter, cleaned up the dog poo, fed the dog, fed the cats, given them both fresh water, stroked the kittens heads and given the dog a chew bone.

And if you replace the words with ‘kids’ – I have done nothing different than if the children were home….



But – I guess I would have done double, for I would have done all of that for the animals….and for the kids.

Okay, it’s a slow day – not a day ‘off’.

600 dreth

January 20, 2015

Well Hello Hello – it has been a several weeks since I have found time to sit and write a few words here on my blog, but when I have had time, my fingers have sat still on the keys, and I have not known what to write.

This post is also my 600th posting. Beginning back in July 2010, it has been a    4.5 year journal-ling journey. I guess I thought it deserved a big fan fare, something momentous to be said, a long and exciting look back through the years. But I never actually gained the inspiration to do any of that. And so the 600dreth post sat waiting.

And I want to post about stuff, so I will need to be content with just posting the usual and move on, as I think the celebration of 600 was my stumbling block. Interestingly when I googled 600 picture – in anticipation of providing a picture suitable for the occasion – the ol google images displayed things from a car, to a plane, to an omelette, to an obese person, a keyboard, motorbike and a toad. Weird. But true.

Now that my perceived stumbling block is hurdled…. onto a mini catchup….

The usual activities have taken over my days – Christmas, river holidays, New years, children on school holidays {who are currently playing school as I type…they must be missing it}, a family business moving to/renovating a new location, exercise, eating {too much} and enjoying the summer days.

It has not been as hot as other years here. I am not complaining at all. The heat really got to me last year, so I am happy for it to remain at a lower temperature.

We did have a major bushfire two weeks back, and only about 12km’s away from our home. We were probably not in any danger, but it is scary when suburbs you know like the back of your hand are being evacuated. Many friends left their homes in the early hours of one morning, and a few even lost sheds, animals and homes. It has been a sad and difficult time for all involved. There has been a huge amount of community support, which is always so heartening, and the girls and I attended a Ute muster the other day, which was a fundraiser for the cause.


Not the best photo – but it shows the band on the back of a semi trailer…. in true ute muster style.


We are now the proud owners {are you really owners of cats…?? they own you I am sure} of these two little kitties…


Curled up on the top landing of their cat scratching pole – Day 2… and now only one of them can sleep up here.


They are super cute! Benjamin {ginger} and Coco {tabby}. They are Miss A and Miss L’s respectively, so I guess that makes us grandparents. Having two cats is a first for us and I was a little worried, but they do keep each other entertained. It’s the double the amount of poo and kitty litter that troubles me.

We have decided that a move to another home in another suburb is on the ‘to do’ list for us. Many reasons are making us want to pack our lives into small boxes and move it all less than 15km away…. and I know I will totally regret it all…. but those reasons will not go away – better schools, better area’s for the kids to ride, walk, and play, and more space around our house. Who knows how long it will all take, but we have begun the sort out and I am currently photographing all our old memorabilia to store as digital files rather than boxes of crap… here are some of my old drivers license’s that I have kept…

licence pic

why???….but now they are still able to be looked at, and not cluttering up my cupboards. I have only just begun but am making lots of progress and am very chuffed with myself to have thrown so much away. De-clutter my life!!

J celebrated his 39th birthday the other day –


we went to the beach, had chicken and chips and went for a long walk. Glorious way to make almost an end of an era. Mine is coming up shortly….


Hmmm… I am right in the middle of PMS-ing at the moment so if this all comes across as self-depreciating then that is why…

I joined Weight Watchers again late last year – the week or two before chrissy…. always a bad time, but then again there is never a good time. Uni was over, I was free, I was feeling gross, I needed weekly accountability.
I weighed in at almost my heaviest weight {from 8 years ago…} SIGH… and holy guacamole batman!!! Never a nice thing to see written out on a little book. I vowed to not get 3 months into my WW journey and be heavier than I began. I would DO this! Well, I am almost 2 months in and am heavier than I began. Fuck.

I don’t loose weight easily. The .500 – 1kg weekly loses for me never happen – not sure why – just not my body make-up. I am okay with this, it is something I have watched over time and have learnt to live with it. I know I have said all this before…..What I find frustrating is that I work hard at eating right, at moving more, at drinking water, at watching my portions – but what is the hardest is that one meal “off plan” or higher in calories {read chicken and chips/pizza/Chinese food} will put me up 1kg or 1.5kg – which then take me 3-4 weeks or even 2 months to lose…cos I have eaten one of those meals again and the cycle begins… grrr.

It’s frustrating and it annoys me. I also find at TTOM I am very bloated and feel large for around 10-12 of the cycle…. almost half, so I spend half my month feeling huge, looking huge and weighing more and the other two-ish weeks working hard at removing it. I really feel like I am stuck in a never ending cycle that is very hard to break.

I am in that place right now… feeling very round…. I have a weigh in tonight, but will go to the meeting and sit and listen but not weigh. I feel that a number will be the catalyst of who knows what. And I don’t want to find out. I need the meeting though, I need the discussion and the renewing of strength that the they give me. I am determined to fight this, and come out at the end of 2015 feeling and looking so much better, and I have orchestrated my life {less uni and work} so that I might be able to concentrate on this more.

Another thing I have this year is a Fitbit. I got it for Christmas, and have worn it everyday since. It is a great little motivator, and most days I am walking 10,000 steps. Whether completely accurate or not, I still know I am moving more. Since Dec 27, when I finally had a chance to charge it and put it on – I have stepped 199,492 steps = 8673 each day {23 days}. Which is def more than I was doing last year.

I am still attending my gym and love it there so much –  the {empty} change room looked like this tonight, so pretty and peaceful in there!


I know I can do more each day, so want this average to increase. I am also trying to begin to get up earlier…. as when school goes back next week, I dont want it to be a HUGE shock to my system. Exercise in the AM can then be re-added. Therefore moving more.


My head feels clearer now. I really needed to offload those swirling angry frustrating thoughts….

And I really need to move off this computer, 1) my fitbit says I have only stepped 1900 today {it’s 2pm!} and 2) I promised myself that I would clean up my study today…. and have not even started!


December 2, 2014

Uni is finally over for the year of 2014! Yah! and Exhale! both at the same time.
I am kinda tired of talking about it, and I am sure those few readers left are kinda tired of hearing reading about it. Today was the last day of my placement – a few weeks on from the “actual” finish date. We had to do 20 complete days at a school and I only did 18 days in the allotted 4 weeks, as I had one off due to a child’s illness and one off due to the school asking us to not come in on a particular Monday. So I had to ‘make-up’ 2 extra days.

I never mentioned it before, but one of the teachers I was working with – well – I didn’t really like her teaching style. We got on well and could talk easily, but her approach to students made me cringe {there is more…but tis the internet and all…and I do want to work in the future}. So I made my ‘make-up’ days on days I knew she had off…….for my own sanity and for the fact I am doing a lot of work and paying a lot of money to become a teacher and to not be mentally destroyed so early on.  I know I will work with all sorts of styles of teachers in the years to come, as I have in my past 20 years of working, but I really needed to be with teachers who inspired me rather than leaving me feeling demoralised. So I made the choice to pick the days I wanted, that would make me feel positive in this journey toward a teaching career – as this is about me really. And I don’t think this teacher and I will ever work together… mainly due to age difference and retirement.

I was pleased with the days I chose, last week was a good day full of kitchen practicals, and this week was an excursion to the Central Markets with Yr 9’s. I was a bit apprehensive about being ‘in-charge’ of a group of Yr 9’s…but needn’t have worried – for only 4 turned up to attend the excursion….out of a class of 22 students! This lack of attendance was for many reasons… but it was a free excursion, I would of thought they would of loved that?? I guess, free can also be seen as no need for commitment.
Anyway – the 7 of us {3 teachers + 4 students} had a very relaxing day in the market, a nice lunch and a great relax at a newly renovated park in the city. We left the city early, arrived back at school early and I was told that I could leave early too. So yes, a very pleasant day to end my placement. And my Uni year.


The other week I went out for a walk, just after the official placement days were over and I had a sudden thought! I now can concentrate of me, my fitness, my eating, my life, my kids, my family….etc. And what a great feeling that was. I have purposely made Uni very low key next year – so I can do what I want more – and now it is all over I CAN BEGIN!

So I have.

Walking, going to the gym, eating good food, tracking – and losing some weight. I looked back over some records kept and noticed that this year I gain 6kg, same as last year, same as the year before that as well. And while it crept on I never noticed, I kinda ignored, and carried on. Now with all that creeping, and ignoring, and struggling, I am 20kg above my WW goal weight. And by gosh that hurts to write that.

and as a baker… to put that into perspective for me, to have it real – I think of it in flour bags. Or one… and they are heavy to carry around.

Like my 20kg.

It weighs heavy on my feet, ankles, knees, hips and mostly on my mind.

I am close.

November 26, 2014

I am so very close to this Uni year being over! 1 more day of placement left and that’s it.

Its kinda exciting really, and I never actually thought I would get here. But I did.

I survived through some tough days and some easier days.

Am really so very pleased that I did it.

And that all that counts.

Week 2

November 9, 2014

2 weeks finished and two weeks to go.

This week was somewhat better – I began to feel like I can confidently talk to the students without the them looking at me like I have two heads. I have met some really nice young people, and some who are really struggling, and some who could just do with a few more years under their immature belts and they will become great adults. There are those too who could end up wandering down a path of trouble if they are not careful. But this could just be a cross section of any community really :) Even a workplace full of people over the age of 18.

I have taught small sections of lessons – writing up and checking over Evaluation questions from the Practicals, and writing up a recipe on the board to be copied into books and discussing the various aspects of the method.

This week I am running a half lesson on serving guest – this learning is necessary as the Yr 10’s are catering for and serving a lunch on Friday. As well as this I am in charge of the dessert section in the kitchen on the Friday for prep work and plating up. And I am also going an excursion to the Central Markets with the yr 11’s. So it should be a busy and productive week, that will fly by.

J’s new job has been going well, and I think he is enjoying it – it’s that ol adjustment phase that makes it difficult… this week he  has some days off during the week, so that will ease the pressure of the house, kid duties including extra-curricular activities and the OSHC bill for this week.

I have been eating really well. Packing a lunch each day is so much easier then looking staring in the fridge for inspiration at 12:30pm when your starving! I have been cutting carrot stix to eat on the drive home… making the time go faster, the boredom less and the veggie intake greater.

I have been trying to get out and walk each morning. But as each evening is getting later with the kids extra-curricular activities, J’s overtime is occurring more often – I am becoming more tired from being a teacher each day and finding that I am hopping into bed later. The mornings are early enough without adding on 30 mins to walk. Weak excuse. But it is what it is.

Now it is 10:12pm and I need to head to bed. I have had a lovely and much needed weekend with my family – and I have not done one little bit of the Uni and school work that I should have done. So it will have to be done in the AM.

Night all. Enjoy your day tomorrow, whatever you may be doing xx


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