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some things that are going on….

July 2, 2015

My days are really filled to the brim at the moment.

Our house is finally ready to sell!
We spent weeks scrubbing, painting and finishing the inside and the outside. And in between all that we did lots of sorting, chucking and packing of our stuff. So much stuff! I am not sure how many boxes we packed up, 8-10? maybe, but as of right now I could only tell you what is in a few of them…. so that may well mean another big clear-out at the other end.
We ‘interviewed’ 3 agents, picked the one we thought we would go with from the start, signed on the line and cleaned and cleaned to have photo’s taken – and they look pretty amazing, I am really happy with how the house turned out.
The house plans were then drawn up, a script written {and corrected a few times}, and then it went ‘live’ on the internet last night at 6pm! Phew. WE CAN RELAX…. sort of, kind of…. ummm no.
And all that hard work was not in vain, for by lunch time today two people had rung about the property – so here is hoping that it sells quickly, easily and of course for a great price :)
We STILL do not have a house that we want to buy, actually we do like a certain house {that has a small parcel of land} – but are hoping to hold out until this house sells, and maybe? pay less for it having cash and no conditions.
So if this house sells quickly where does that leave us in regards to living somewhere???…. well… we have thought that a short term rental might work, or staying with my parents and have even thought of staying in a caravan park if need be. OR it could all work magically and we move out of this house and into the next same day…. who knows, who knows, who knows….
But, this is something we have discussed at great length – about taking it all one day at a time, about and crossing those bridges if and when we get to them and making decisions each day based on what we do know at the time.
I think it is the best way for us, is to stay to calm – as the possibilities are endless and could or could not happen at any given day from now on. It is just not a controllable situation.

So calm thoughts are with me.


Uni for me has been a bit quiet so far this year, only having done 1 subject so far. I have 2 left to do this year, one in July {next week} and one in December.
And next year in May and September I have a 5 week placements for 3rd year and 4th year.
The subject I am doing next week is a 5 day intensive – uni from 9:30am-3:30pm…. Thursday – Wednesday, which sadly fall right in the middle  of the 2 week winter school holidays :(
It’s a bit of a shame that I miss out on the this time with the girls, but sadly, I can’t change the uni dates. And I am at the point of needing to get on and finish this long drawn out degree.
I feel fine about the subject at the moment – ‘Contesting Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment’ – but instinctively know  that the subject is going to be a doozy! We are fourth years after all, it is meant to be challenging!
The girls are off to their Grannies for the first two days, and off to the other Grandparents for the last 3…. as J is also working. I know they will love being with grandparents,  and I know I will appreciate immensely the child free time to concentrate on the assessments, but I still feel guilty for sending them off for the whole time.
Again, it is not something I can control – so calm thoughts will need to prevail


Health has been a bit more of a priority. After eating so badly for the month of May, I finally got back on track and ate better and walked a lot more in the month of June. Last time I wrote I spoke about hitting 10,000 steps 3 days in a row, well I managed to get that to 10 days straight! Which was an awesome achievement. Sadly though, I then lent my fitbit to my 8yr old for the evening – where she mislaid ‘somewhere in the house’…. grrr… then when I found it 24hrs later it had gone flat and my charger had also been mislaid. 2 days later, both were back and it was charged and on my wrist – and my 10 day streak was over. It was fun while it lasted.
I still do try to get to 10,000 a day, with at least 30 mins walking in there…. some of the house cleaning days that had me scrubbing tiles on my hands and knees, vacuuming, mopping and washing walls and windows did not need any extra walking added in – for I was falling into bed so bloody tired!
I am tracking in the WW app – even if it ‘hurts’ – so while I am moving more – the food side is letting me down. I can never seem to get them both together and sustain it for a time. As always, I try each day to eat good, healthy food, drink lots of water and move a bit.
I have also put my gym membership on hold. EEEEEEP! Never thought I would ever say this!
I was finding that I was making so many excuses to not go – the long drive, no time, what good is it doing anyway?, takes too long – so I knew it was time to have a break. I miss going there – but it is still a long drive away…. and possibly will be even more so when we move.
It may be time to begin doing my own thing again. But also, like the house, I am taking it one day at a time and keeping up with the walking, which is better than sitting on the couch. I know the time will come when I NEED and long to do more than I am doing – it’s just not that time yet – and that is okay.

Getting up early to walk? NOPE

June 10, 2015

There was no walk this morning, just a glorious moment, or two moments, when I rolled over and hit ‘Stop’ on my alarm. Rolling back over to snuggle back in and sleep for a further hour. Glorious!

But that does mean that plans needed to change so that a walk could happen today, as promised to myself.

So once I had picked the kids up from school we changed and headed out to take a wander along the creek. I informed the kids that walking along this lovely part of the local creek would be stopping once we moved… that made them go quiet, this often happens when discussing the “negative” parts of the move. I guess I feel it too, for I am making an effort to get down there a bit more as well.

We walked along to the first ford, the kids threw rocks into the water and we then headed home as the cool night air began to swirl around us. All up we walked for 40mins, and it was lovley.

I also hit 10,000 steps again today, 3 days in a row, 3 days of exercise in that too. I am pleased with that, given how busy we are cleaning and renovating.

Also I weighed in at WW tonight… and after all that crappy food, the lack of exercise, the coffee’s and cakes and the general malaise for 4 weeks… I lost .100g.  Weird. But there you go.

So it is onto a new week for me, 10,000 steps per day, walking each day, eating healthy food, tracking and lots of water. The usual things that make me feel great.

Tradegy and happiness

June 9, 2015

There is tradegy all around me at the moment. Since December last year 3 marriages have spilt up within my family circle. There has been death, job loss, family severance and sickness within my wider cirle. Frankly it has been a tough few months, and I am not the one experiencing it first hand, but we have been on the phone chatting, dissecting, disscussing it all quite a lot.
I feel like I am making light of all the issues – but I am not. Just trying to write about them all basically, for going into it all further is both long winded and not my place to do so.

Due to the tradegies, it makes you realise how very lucky you are to not be experiencing them first hand, to have a loving partner who is on the same page as you and to have family members who still want to be around you. For that I am hugely thankful.

So with that there is also happiness around me.

My small family are all healthy and happy, my marriage is the best it has ever been and my home life is busy and fun. The girls are enjoying being in Scouting and Guiding, and are happy to head off to school each day.
We are still moving house and have made a decision on where we wish to move to, we are heading off out of the city limits to a smaller town about 35km away in the Adelaide Hills, a place called Birdwood. We are very excited to be making this move and are looking at it like a big adventure. Sure there are things that will be very different, school/weather/driving more, but we feel confident that we will enjoy the move out of the city and begin to settle into the rhythm of the town quickly. And…if we don’t like it…well we can always just move back to the city.
There are several reasons for us moving from this house – and Birdwood fits them all – with the added bonus of fresh air and adventure!
The girls are excited too about moving up there, having toured the school and wandered up and down the main street – they talk of being to either walk or ride their bikes to school, be able to walk to friends houses and the local shop/bakery and spend more hours playing in a big back yard. They have fears too – being the new kids in a class and being further away from family, but we are confidant that the school will be welcoming and family are only a 25 min drive away.
Our current house is almost ready to be on the market to sell, we still have a few more jobs to do – but we are hoping that by the end of June there will be open inspections occuring {that will probably drive us crazy!}. We do not have a house that we have bought yet, which kinda surprises me, but we are trying to wait and have our place sold before we get purchase. We have been looking and have found a few that we like and would have put an offer in if our place was closer  at the time to being ready, but it wasn’t. Now that we have almost finished I am feel better now that if the right place comes up, we can go for it.
Exciting times ahead.


The only slightly dark cloud about me is my health or my healthyness. Or lack of.

I have been so busy running around looking after others and enjoying myself at the same time, that I have let the things that keep me feeling healthy and fit slide away. I have not properly exercised for a month. Nor weighed in at WW, nor eaten a days worth of food that does not contain excess sugar, chocolate, bread and biscuits.
And I feel absolutely bloody awful. Bloated, frumpy, tired, thirsty and overweight. Generally, gross.

I need to get back on track. To begin doing those things that make me feel good – drinking water, moving more, eating less sugar, fat, salt and planning and packing my food.

I cannot go on like this. Otherwise I will be pushing 90kgs… and that scares the crap out of me.

Today, I walked. I walked for exercise, rather than just because I was busy. And it was lovely. The walk was not as long as I wanted, but I also just needed to begin, to get out and start. And now I have, there is no stopping me.

Tomorrow I plan on walking early in the morning. This may be tricky, as the past few weeks lazyness has led to sleeping in and struggling to get up.But I need to begin getting up earlier again, so tomorrow is the day.

So now, I need to go to bed, to press publish and shut down the computer and go to bed so I can get up early and walk.


Right, catch up done. G’night.

Keeping Up

April 30, 2015

Tomorrow’s Goals:

10,000 or even better 10,100 steps.    Did it!  12594

Plan, pack and eat only that food.        While I ate food that was okay, it was not what I planned – as my assignment kept me at uni far longer than I anticipated – over lunch – so I bought an egg,lettuce,mayo sandwich {Best choice out of deep fried} and kept working.

Track that food. –  I began well – and then was too joyous that the Assignment was finally done to finish tracking the day.

Exercise – plan it and do it. Did it – I planned to walk to my Weight watchers meeting, it was just i calculated the distance wrong  – I thought it was only 6km away, turns out it was 9km away and I was going to be really late. So I called up and got a lift after doing just over the 6km.

Water 2Lt – how ever it comes – hot water, green tea, water bottle. Went short on this due to Assignment….

Hand up pesky assignment. – DONE!

Weigh in at WW – reaffirm why I am there. – Did it! Although I had a small gain .100g… but is nothing to worry over, just hormones making everything feel tight and heavy.

Eat no crappy food – chocolate, biscuits, chips, lollies etc etc etc etc etc etc. Did it! – while I did not eat as planned I still did not have any of those foods – What I did have though was a vodka and lemonade yes, and then maybe a buttery nipple cocktail that my J made for me as a celebration for completion of one assignment and a High Distinction on another.


So onto today – Same as yesterday – just with no Uni :) woohoo!

10,000 or even better 10,100 steps.

Plan, pack and eat only that food. – {B: bacon/egg/mushroom. L: Chicken Soup & spinach scone. D: Tuna Rissoni. S: yogurt, banana, grapes.}

Track that food.

Exercise – plan it and do it. {Walk in the lovely day outside}

Water 2Lt – how ever it comes – hot water, green tea, water bottle.

Eat no crappy food – chocolate, biscuits, chips, lollies etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Other goals:

* Begin organising Scrapbooking for camp!

* Pack and tidy house


Right no more laziness….get on with it!

Daily Goals

April 28, 2015

Daily goals met:

10,000 steps!

Eat what I have planned and tracked it all!

Not eaten chocolate / biscuits!

Exercised! {not great but done}

Drunk 2lt water!

Tomorrow’s Goals:

10,000 or even better 10,100 steps.

Plan, pack and eat only that food.

Track that food.

Exercise – plan it and do it.

Water 2Lt – how ever it comes – hot water, green tea, water bottle.

Hand up pesky assignment.

Weigh in at WW – reaffirm why I am there.

Eat no crappy food – chocolate, biscuits, chips, lollies etc etc etc etc etc etc.


Here’s to a good day tomorrow.

Average workouts

April 28, 2015

Blogging twice in a month? I know!

My workout this morning {15 Elliptical, 20 min of hills on the treadmill} was so very average, and while it left me feel good that I had done it  – I never got the OMG-I-need-to-come-here-everyday feels. Normally, workouts for me have me thinking thoughts such as the world is amazing, and I am amazing and I am going to go on to running a marathon!

So yeah, normally I can count on them to lift me up and out of a hole. But today. Nothing.

It may have had something to do with my youngest daughter having a go at me for not caring that she only earnt .50c of pocket money over the school holidays – as she only did one of her jobs. Or my car refusing to lock. Or my gym bag being left at home and no ear phones. Or the toilet paper running out in the stall I chose. Or the large amount of hormones running through my body giving off pregnancy symptoms {I’m NOT, just a stupid hormone cycle}. Or or or…

I really don’t know why, but it was an okay workout and that was it. meh.
But I did it. I got to the gym after a week or so break after another Uni assignment crowding my days. And that is a good thing.
Anyway, I plan on going tomorrow in the AM, and then off to Uni to finish said Assignment and hand that bastard up. I am sick of looking at it.


Easter and Eating….still

April 9, 2015

Easter:  the fun has been had and now it is time to get back to normal life… except I seem to be still hung up on eating carbs and chocolate… I really need to shake the cravings, and soon!

We had a fantastic Easter family  holiday (mum and dad, sister and her family, brother and his family and my own family) on the local Island ‘Kangaroo Island‘ – such an amazing place to be, and the views and the landscapes and the scenery and the and the… are all so gorgeous and breathtaking! I took too many photo’s as I wanted to capture it all.
My BIL and sister lived on the island for a few years, and take holidays there regularly – so they were our tour guides – taking us to places many tourists miss out on, as well as taking us to the popular haunts.

The coastline of this place is rugged and buffeted by strong winds, with big waves crashing…. and I LOVE it!

But it also has calm days where the ocean is clear and aqua blue. Just stunning.

I will post a few pics of our holiday later on.


So on Wednesday my WW leader  oops now coach…. challenged us to extend our exercise points that little bit more this week – upping it by 7 or 1 a day. Having come home from a holiday where I have eaten foods that make my tummy rumble like a volcano including the hot lava up my esophagus, I resolved to move more this week.
And so far I have done just that, a 40 minute gym workout yesterday and a 1 hour walk today. Tomorrow will be the gym again, and Saturday a walk. I am aiming for 10,000 steps a day too.

Eating: yes well, sitting here reflecting on the week…. well it is no wonder I feel a bit bluegh. I have memories of chips and crackers, and butter and chocolate, and white bread sandwiches. Really? I ate all that? and probably other stuff too………
Hmmmm. It really is time to pull my head in and stop lying to myself that I am okay to eat this stuff.
Cos SELF you are not.

There is no point doing all this exercise if I am just going to fill my gob with crap.

Time to move on and eat the food that makes me feel as good as exercising does.


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