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Up and out

November 25, 2013

And so I begin the slow climb up and out of the hole of eating shitty food and hating myself.

Gah those hormones/emotions really get to me. But thankfully I am feeling so much better.

I woke after a crappy sleep {more on that later…}, ate a healthy breakie of Rolled Oats, sliced Apple, Yogurt and soy milk, went to the gym and had myself shut in a room and told to move for one hour, enjoyed their  hot showers and free towels and headed to the local shopping centre to do some chrissy shopping.  Where I walked and walked. I ordered a bowl of Pumpkin soup for lunch, it was delicious…so was the 2 slices of bread ;) , and kept on walking shopping. On coming home I cooked a roast pork {ooooh yummy} and enjoyed the meal with the family.

A good productive, sort of healthy day. I could of eaten better…. but today’s eating  was a lot better than the last week.

One day at a time.

Slow steps, baby steps. But steps that I know well, and are ones that will get me to where I need and want to be.

Tomorrow will certainly be easier.


That crappy sleep… the noise that J was making while vomiting at 2:39 am woke me suddenly and startingly from a very strange dream. I sat there dazed and confused and asked if he was okay. Clearly, and audibly, there was a no reply.

After ruling out food poisoning…. a magarita pizza around 8 hours earlier….Turns out he had Gastro, so I promptly moved myself to the couch to sleep. And while I did sleep, the couch is slightly to short for me. So while curled up so I fitted on the couch my already tight and hurty IT bands set up an aching routine which had me tossing and turning, and laying on awkward angles.

Thankfully tonight, he is much better – so I get to sleep in my own bed! Yah!


Another thing that is making me happy is that with all my walking around the shops I got 7/8ths of my chrissy shopping done!

There was a need to get on top of it as next week I am heading back to Uni…{I think}… and when I am done with this short course it will be Dec 13th…eeep – and I will have an assigment due on the 18th Dec. Leaving NO time to shop after. So I am pleased to have made a huge dent in the list.

Right. time for bed for me. I am losing interest very quickly. :)

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  1. Plum permalink
    November 26, 2013 9:24 am

    Glad to hear your feeling better Leanne, hormones and emotions really SUCK don’t they!

  2. November 29, 2013 4:42 pm

    Ughh, more than I would like to admit to. But I am feeling a lot better. Thank you. x

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