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Small or Monumental?

September 18, 2014

Yesterday began well, I had a banana smoothie for breakfast and resisted temptation when out with other Uni students when they were buying lunch – choosing to eat my corn couscous and chicken salad that I had per-prepared. I snacked on some rice snacks, strawberries and a homemade raspberry wheat free muffin, and I felt GOOD on the bus home.

And then I got home.

Where on opening the pantry the last 6 squares of a block of chocolate jumped out and yelled eat me, and a container with a few Liquorice allsorts in it.. and then we went to the pub for tea – Jon had a chicken scallopine and I had the S&P squid… which we swapped at half time. Delicious. But I ended the day less positive than I began it.

Suffice to say, I am ‘feeling’ that food today – You are what you eat. Bleugh.

So today I am again starting out well, GF/Wheat free cereal, lactose free yogurt and milk and strawberries. I plan to have an egg sandwich later on, and the girls have requested a picnic in the park dinner {Spring is HERE!!!!} – chicken and salad. And I plan on ending the day as well I have begun.

A small step or a monumental one? Both I think.

Love life

September 16, 2014

Time has moved on, as I knew it would, and my commitment level has dropped off. I have far more free time than I have had for a while and I am loving it already. Tonight I even managed to go for a WALK!

The Guide Gang Show finished with great success, and while I hated being ‘trapped’ some of the weeks, in the end I really enjoyed being part of the gang and being able to ‘give back’ to a great group of young girls/woman. Volunteering is so worth while.

Uni is slowing right down –  it is Week 8 of this semester. I had an assignment due today {passed with another D+ yah!} and two more question/answer activities in another subject to finish off before the end of next week {I have allocated this Thursday to get them done} and have three more lectures to attend at a TAFE. Then all I have left is a 4 week placement {October – November} and an assignment due on November 26th. Easy.

Work has changed too as the lady that works with mum and I is back from her trip to Europe and is back to work all day Wednesday’s and the evenings on Thursday. So I will have much more time to be with my family and exercise… but I will be a little poorer due to less working hours :( but I am much happier with the alternative.

Tomorrow evening I plan on walking again – just an easy 30 mins, and on Thursday I finally have time to go to the gym again! I know, I have paid each week and never attended – which is an ultimate hate of mine. But I was so trapped in what i was doing, there just seemed no time to get there.

Also what sucks is that I am so very unfit now, which is a gross feeling. It’s hard to get up off the floor, climbing steps makes me puffed out and embarrassed and I have a ‘ball’ again in my gut making it hard to do up shoes.
My diet has taken a turn for the worst too – starting work at 9am, finishing at 5:30pm, going straight to the theatre for 6pm and getting home at 11pm…..6 days of last week…. certainly took its toll.
I need to eat better food and drink much more water.
And I plan to do just that tomorrow. I would like to hope that I do not get that busy again {although it may well happen} but I am going to work on saying no to stuff, as my health and fitness is a high priority to me and I can’t keep doing this. I am getting larger and larger each time and it cuts deep to see and feel it happening.

Time to begin to enjoy being me again, enjoy time with my kids and husband and getting back to a life I love!

Day off wtih a Migraine = suckful.

September 16, 2014

I wrote this on August 22nd……

A day off and I have a bit of free time to write again.
This morning I woke with a migraine. Not a thumping one felt when I gained consciousness, but my other style of migraine {how lucky to have two different ones….:/ } as I stumbled to the bathroom I noticed that my vision was weird and a few seconds later registered that my flashy black and white aura had made itself at home.

My aura’s look like this around the edge of my eyes and go in about half way of my vision – very distracting and unnerving. I hopped back into bed with an ice pack on my neck, a eye mask to dull the light and a coupe of neurofen.

On waking an hour later and stumbling around to get the kids sorted for school I noticed the glorious day outside and knew in an instant that I had to be out in it, walk in it, be feeling it and breathing it in.

The season is in change – and that makes me so very very happy.

So I decided to walk for an hour. I don’t have much time these days for long walks, but today, I made time. And it was lovely, therapeutic and amazingly glorious.
I have been so super busy that I had momentarily forgotten how much I love walking – with a warm sun on me. I still felt rotten, but the day was too nice to let a pesky migraine get the better of me.



I miss here…..

September 6, 2014

I miss my blog, I miss having time each day to write something – spilling my ever revolving thoughts onto ‘paper’.

I miss being outside. I miss having a clean house.

I miss my family. I miss the life I love.

Heard this before??? {I would do linky links…but time I do not have to look….}

OH yes – I am Week 7 of Uni…… 3 subjects {last time I EVER do that many at once ….I swear}, a Gang Show commitment, 30+ hrs at work a week, a new way of eating, a family, a husband studying for a big exam and a home.

It’s piling up.

But soon it will slowly stop until I am free. CAN NOT WAIT!


Did I ever mention my new way of eating… low FODMAP diet? Ah I must get to that….
Anyway it has been the most consistent thing to stop my severe heartburn {other than medication – which I refuse to take for the rest of my life….} the bloating and general uncomfortableness. It is not easy at times, and I don’t always follow it to the letter, but mostly it makes my esophagus happy – which makes my days easier – and ultimately me happy.

So for now, while I have not got time to carry on with the full elimination diet and challenges, I will eat mostly FODMAP free and comfortable.

Oh and one funny thing I have noticed – how strong is onion to taste in foods!! I cannot have it, or garlic and phew they are strong! hahahahahaha

Uni life for an adult = friday night in front of the computer….

August 22, 2014

Reading, Reading, Reading.

I need to have a literature review written by 11pm Monday.


and back to reading.

Day off

August 7, 2014

I have a day off today – well – sort of. My work at the moment is busy – and with one worker away on a European holiday means the two of us left are working harder. So I am having the majority of the day off and then heading in to do 2-3 hours work to help out a bit. I did this yesterday too – so that will mean a 6 day working week for me. On top of all the other things I have going on – I am stuffed.

Also we have painted our lounge room, and need to buy some new bit of furniture to go into it. So we are off to IKEA later today to see if there is anything that grabs my attention and will suit the rest of my house. It’s not normally where I would shop for furniture – but a good spot to go for interim pieces until we earn more money/shift home/ make a final decision on style :)


I am still working on this elimination diet – it is tough some days with so much going on – as you need to be organised, have food cooked, have food available to cook etc. I am getting some terrible cravings, although that could of been hormones….. but it could also be the ‘giving up’ of some foods. I have had a few bites here and there and can tell when I have… the gassy burps and heartburn are back within hours. I need to work more on stopping the bites, licks and tastes {BLT’S}.

I am actually doing better than I thought I would -

  • Drinking lots of herbal teas.
  • Sticking to one cup of coffee a day – I was going to eliminate it totally, but I find it a nice “treat” after lunch and figure it is better than chocolate or some other thing that my body reacts worse to. {I am just drinking instant as it is easy to make with my lactose free milk and cheaper too – also soy is off limits for this elimination – and it is hard to find a close coffee shop with lactose free milk}
  • Not eating wheat – I made my own gluten free/wheat free bread mix the other day and made 4 rolls and a big round foccacia style flat bread. Which I cut into 8 triangles, so that is nice for lunches toasted with roasted veg and meat etc.
  • Making my snacks fit in with the food list.



July 31, 2014

I have banished myself to the study while our girls enjoy a meal of delicious smelling pizza!
I am going well on the FODMAP elimination diet {except for a little sneaky biscuit today which has resulted in heartburn!} I need to move away from the temptation.

I am four days in and my tummy is feeling flatter and when I bend over to tie up shoes etc it does not feel like there is a ball in the way. Not sure what that was – Fat? Bloating? or my fear…a growth? Hopefully as the days progress the ‘ball’ in my tummy will get smaller. Which is a great motivator to stay away from the pizza.

I have had almost no heartburn or reflux since I began, and getting heartburn from eating that bicky today I am certainly sure I am doing the right thing.




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