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Silence is golden….

March 28, 2014

Not here though – silence = busy.

But then I always say that… so I guess I should stop said ‘busy’ changing how I go about my life.

I have done exactly that…let the ‘busy’ take over, stop my plans, alter what I do, change my eating and halt the exercise. Arrrrggghh.

A seemingly never ending merry go round – and I need to get off stop allowing it to define me.



Another one down!

February 17, 2014

One essay complete – mind at rest – life continues!

A reason I want to become a teacher…

February 16, 2014

Out on my walk this morning I saw this gorgeous little flower.









It would of been all of 30cm high.










What I loved the most was that someone has lovingly placed a stake near it and tied it up so it would prosper.


I listened to an awesome 891 Conversations Podcast this morning from Phil Beadel,  a man intent on transforming how students are engaged at school, by harnessing their curiosity and energy to achieve better educational outcomes. Teachers are highly important in scaffolding students in helping them learn to be learners.

I guess you could draw parallels between the person lovingly ‘scaffolding’ the flower and teachers ‘lovingly’ scaffolding students.


Made me smile it did.


And now, with all that positivity in me,  I am off to finish that essay – on guess what – reforming education in the middle years…. so very apt.

Back to life…

February 15, 2014

Finally that pesky {and extremely intensive and time consuming} Uni course is done, and I am almost free – just 200-300 more words to go on the final essay, then submit and I will be done. It is not due until Monday 3pm, but I aim to have it mostly done tonight and proof read again in the morning and submit before lunch time Sunday  – then I will be free early :)

I begin another subject in two weeks, but only the one for Uni,  this subject as well as a TAFE (Technical And Further Education) course to do, so only two to worry about - this semester I am going part time at Uni {4 subjects is considered full time}  I feel I need a lesser workload,  and I am pleased!

My TAFE course will be very interesting {we had day one last week…} as it is a Fashion and Design course – learning the basics of sewing, patterns and design. I have always had an interest in sewing, but I grew up with my mum {and my now deceased Nanna} who are complete masters at the skill, I never really needed to become great at it. I ended up preferring the hand sewing skills – crochet, patchwork and cross-stitch. So I am really interesting in knowing more than the basics that I am already okay with.

One thing I have heard from other {above me in Uni years}  Home Ec students about the course is that we make a denim satchel. Being the creative person I am, I’m already planning my design on the front of it {crochet squares or something like that} and we haven’t even been informed of it yet. So yes, I am excited to be getting creative within this degree!



A much missed part of my life. Although, heading to Uni all day and being tight with my money has made me pack a healthy lunch each day – so that is one thing to be happy with.

I am feeling good, my bloating gut has settled down and I am in a good spot to keep eating well.

Exercise: erm, yes well.

The good thing about doing Intensive Uni courses is that it gets 12 weeks of a uni work out the way in 2. The problem with 12 weeks work in 2 is that it takes around 10hrs a day to get the workload done – {as uni suggests that 10hrs per subject per week is recommended for full understanding}. So in saying that, 10 hours a day  + family + shift worker + heat + torrential two days of rain + sleeping + housework left precious little time. I always look back on the time and wonder why I dont just make it more of a priority. But at the time, in the middle of it all – it really is just one more thing to have to worry over when I will get it done. I never seem to be able to manage it all even with a plan – so this time I cut myself some slack and only did some exercise when I really could.

But now I am done, I have that feeling of absolute freedom, and that feeling of just wanting to get out there!! and move!! So starting today, I am.

The husband needs to sleep all day today, for he has been out keeping the streets safe while everyone sleeps…

I was sent this the other day and I love it…

I will sleep alone so that you can sleep safely

so the kids and I are off for a walk through some part of nature.

We have had the most amazing weather this week…..two days of incredible heat – 42 and 43 degrees followed straight up by two day of torrential rain – 100ml in that time! So the creeks are flooded and the local waterfalls are spilling over. We plan on heading out for some splashy fun! Safely of course.

Hope you all have a great day!

One very messy house.

February 9, 2014

Yet again I am bogged down in the routine of sleep, read, write, annotate, read, write, annotate. Then read some more. A large amount of group work is done each day too – 4-5 hrs. We have 28 chapters of a text to read in 10 days – yikes. Most of them noted, with implications and questions. I think its funny? strange? a fact? normal? a sign? scary? that mine all seem to be questioning the why’s of doing all this and the fact I am not ready for this kinda stuff – policies/frameworks etc.

Uni whinge aside – life with full time Uni in the foreground is NUTS. The only saving grace of this….. is that I am half way through. That is all that is getting me through the days.  I should take a picture of my kitchen to show you the evidence of days spent with noses in books…. oh the bathroom, lounge room, family room and laundry should be in there too! My house is a messy, disorganised haven pit – and I am  ignoring it all. 5 more days.


Well I am doing what I can. When I can. Which is sometimes not at all. Again….5 more days. I really try to not let it get to me… J’s shifts have been early’s this week, we have had hot weather too – and yeah that Uni business. Friday we had a commitment until 10.30am…. so my gym bag was in my car – ready to zip up there straight away and do a workout then home to eat my pre-made lunch {neatly sitting in the fridge} when my group {3 others} decided that they wanted a get together and guilted me into staying… we then sadly chatted uni related stuff until my tummy began to eat itself, and I had to excuse myself and go home and get my lunch {NO WAY was I buying crappy food}. It was now too late for the gym, school pickup occurred, and that was the end of it for  me. Oh and our car broke down that day too – so we ran around getting it assessed by a few places. So that was it. Day over.

Whinging still Lea???

Yes. Yes I am.

Right, its time to move on and get over it. I have an hour to do some……surprise…… Study/reading….. and then I am off to my nephews 2nd Bday at the beach {lots of movement can be done!!} and then quickly home to head out to my catering commitment that I have each week. Home by 9.30pm, read a bit more and then bed. Up early to the gym {finally!} and to begin my last 5 days of this course. Counting down!

Back and raring to go

January 29, 2014

Hello! We are back from our holiday in sunny and sometimes rainy Queensland. It was a lovely holiday – full of fun, laughter, good friends and of course tasty food.

We have been back for two days now, and only today am I free to get back to what I know best – meal planning, gym, housework and school drop off’s :)

Anyway – this is just a quick check in post – and I will be back to write more later.



Teensy bit ashamed.

January 13, 2014

Yesterday, after eating breakfast so late – when I was starving and just grabbed the first thing my eyes laid on. After heading to my parents house for a swim – where food is served regularly and most often hot and baked from the oven. After having friends drop in for a swim and an impromptu BBQ for dinner with NO green stuff. After all that – I once again laid awake at 3am swearing to whomever I could that I have to, need to, for the love of all things, have got to stop eating this food.

I am feeling a teensy bit ashamed to have to admit it here on blog land – I mean I don’t have to – but it is good to get it out of my head and be accountable to something…someone??

So while sitting up, sucking on my double strength Mylanta tabs, and with the energy from anger/frustration at myself I wrote out a job list for today. It had to be, needs to be and has got to be better then yesterdays efforts. It’s a pretty detailed list – get up time, walk time, how much water to drink, bed time, what I will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, tracking and a few others. 12 small jobs to tick of my ‘To do for health today’ list.

I also made a deal that I cannot read any blogs in my feedly if I do not stick to it…eeek.. and another deal if I can stick to today {and all other days} $5 will be my reward into a personal bank account to do with what I please. It is time for drastic measures. I have to start feeling better about myself and in how I feel.

So far I can tick of 3.

I got up when I said, even though at 10am sleep hours have now been outnumbered by waking hours. I walked, but only for 20mins this morning – I plan on the other 20 later tonight {it was bloody hot out there at 7:30am 29º! and I was so so so so so thirsty I was having trouble swallowing…def time to call the walk off – its too hot here this week for dicking about with dehydration…}. I have eaten a good breakfast of rolled oats, chopped apple, yogurt, milk and a few currents.

So now I am off to keep going with my busy day… carry on ticking off my daily goals and to try to not get too hot and bothered.

A view of our week... yikes!

A view of our week… yikes!


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