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A month almost gone….

June 28, 2014

I may as well just post all my small beginning posts over this month of June…. I never get time to finish them….

June 14th: Yesterday was a ‘new’ beginning. After the crazy that was the month of May and all my committments were done, I figured I would just pick up where I left off before the crazy and get right back into exercise and healthy eating.

but nope.

Instead I was hit with a large case of the ‘over its’ and spent the week enjoying sitting on my couch, doing loads of washing then folding  those loads of washing, going to bed early and just enjoying being around home again.

June 19th: Getting back into the swing of things, but then…. Uni assessment time strikes…. I swear I go round and round in every increasing? decreasing? circles. There is no time again to do the exercise thing, as I am up to my neck in work 3 times a week, uni lectures x3 a week, 2 assessment due with one an essay {Bleugh}, as well as the normal house, kids, shift working husband routine.

June 24th: Typing this time with the intention of pushing the publish button.

My essay was submitted, and I am still working on the next assignment due  – which is part of an Intensive course I am doing in the Uni “break”. I am a sucker for these things – and always swear I WILL NOT be doing the next one, and lo and behold I sign up… mainly due to the fact that one whole subject that I can tick of my list is done and finished and over in less than 2 weeks. Sounds so much better than 12-13 long weeks of lectures etc.

So I continue to sign up, then I regret it all once I am in the middle of the crazy fortnight to get 12-13 weeks of work done in less than 2!

Ha. I feel just a little crazy and over the demands of it.

Exercise??? NONE and hating it. Can’t seem to move my body out of bed on these cold winter mornings, Can’t find the motivation to head out in the dark after an 8hr day at work. It is something I really, really need to work on, as I hate not moving, and my body is becoming increasingly softer and rounder. I need to begin small and work up, and not expect so much each time I have time to exercise. I notice from my tracking book that my infrequent, as in once a week, workouts recently have been around the 1 hour length in time, so I need to work on getting out more often {daily} for shorter times… so that they do seem achievable, for 1 hour every few days is not achievable either and that is why I am not doing anything at all.

Food??? I am tracking, although some most days I do not get to the end of the day with writing it out. I generally am eating a healthy diet, but last week, oh man…. it was when I was eating KFC {and hating and regretting it as it was so so so very gross – and not just in a fatty way, but in a undercooked, old oil, soggy chip kinda way as well} that I knew it had to stop, I need to more organised for those super busy days.

June 28th:

Still typing this damn thing. I need to press publish and move on with my life.

I am still tracking and working at eating all the right foods for my strange digestive system. I actually lost .5 kg this week {or over 6 weeks}, but I am not excited yet, it can be gained with only a half day of eating the ‘wrong’ foods.

I have booked in to see a Dietitian, as I am pretty much over not knowing what does and what does not affect my gut. Yesterday it was a biscuit, the day before stir fry with noodles. I just can’t work it out.

Am I gluten intolerant? Wheat? Dairy? Fructose? What? Everything maybe – probably nothing.

Anyway -I will not Dr Google or self prescribe until I see her and try and work out a plan.

I am off out to dinner tonight with friends – and a game of pool in a pool hall, so excited for this. But the weather here is freezing and I need to go get dressed in my many layers to stay warm!!!

pressing publish……..
Are you proud of me???

May is done

June 1, 2014

My busy month of May officially ended at 5am this morning when I crawled into bed after getting home from the after show party.

What a crazy busy but awesome few weeks it has been…

… my family all have had a great time,

and that makes it so worth it!


I am so very much looking forward to normal life resuming,

exercising being taken up,

no lollies and crappy food being consumed

and my washing pile to stop living on my couch.

It’s the simple things.

Tomorrow I plan on drinking much water and green tea,

eating a simple, veggie filled lunch and dinner

and moving my body by walking.

Tonight I plan on going to bed as soon as I hit publish.



May is MAD!

May 6, 2014

May is madness for me – that big catering thing I do – well its about to get bigger… 2 between show meals in 2 weeks each feeding 250 people – a 3 course meal…in an hour. Luckily they are all Scouts who appreciate beging fed something and understand the rush. I do look forward to this being over though. I say that a lot I feel.

Anyway – its 10.06pm and the night has not gone as planned. But I thought I would pop in and chat quickly and then hop into a warm bed with ABC iView and watch missed episodes of “Call the Midwife” – love that show!

I also plan on being up early to exercise – so will need to be asleep earlier than my usual 12:30-1am bedtime – I get stuck watching  Craig Ferguson, which is my favourite show at that hour and he keeps me laughing so much I just can’t sleep :)

Anyway – I need to check in on my goals… which are of course now two weeks old. So – as they are in the past and I need to move on I will make new ones for this week. Well, really they are old ones time and time again but this is a new week!

  • Track – missing no more than one day – but preferably doing all days
  • Getting to 2400 cals burnt on the old polar watch – I did it last week so I can do it again.
  • 2 cups of green tea a day – doing pretty well with this – and now I found my lost but-not-really-lost-just-in-another-cupboard thermos I can start to take it out and about with me again!
  • Drinking 2 lt of water each day – I have a 750 ml water bottle at the moment – so two of them and the green tea added on top is 2lt
  • Do day 2 and 3 of couch to 5k – yep I started again and am going to run our cities 12km race in September. Made a commitment on FB – so it must be real. LOL

Okay – fast check in, but it feels nice to be accountable again. And I hope to see you again before the week is out…..

Big Walks in lovely places.

April 25, 2014

While my girls were happily being entertained by their Girl Guide group – the husband and I got a nice sleep in and even had  time to head off on a long walk.

In keeping with my theme of exercising each day – I needed to play catch up and do a bit extra today to make up for my lack of yesterday – so we headed to our local foothills and wandered up and around and down along a steep track in the Anstey Hill Conservation Park. It was a great walk – 62 mins long and I burnt around 900 cals according to my Polar watch.

A great workout indeed.

And a nice bit of quality time with J.

I checked the time at a few key points, and hope to in the near future return and walk it again to gauge how fit I am getting again and how much faster I am able to get up those hills!

I didn’t take my phone, but here are a few pics taken by others to show the view and the style of track – it’s a lovely place to wander.



I definitely want to head back there again!


April 23, 2014

Well Hello!

It has been a fair while – but I am still around.

I look at my blog page, I plan what I will write, I often begin but don’t have time to finish – and then life moves on and the post is not current or interesting anymore. But today I plan on typing and pressing publish at the end! Amazing huh?

So whats been going on?

For me – well I have been doing two Uni subjects, and now working part time, and holidaying, and my catering commitment. It has been a busy time – but fun.

Quick Catch Up:

Uni: 2 subjects are easy – and one is even a TAFE subject {so even easier}. Its been so easy I have to remind myself to DO uni work. I am much happier.

Did I tell you about my grades from last year? WELL! I achieved the highest grades in my course… yes ME! Who left school early, who never thought I was very academic. And I was stoked. Then, I got a letter to say that I was in the top 15% of the UNI and was offered a spot in the Golden Key Society, for high grades…. yes ME! Who left school early, who never thought I was very academic. And I was amazed, and very happy.

Working: I am now working 2.5 days with my mum in her repair and alteration shop, with some clothing for sale added in for fun too. It has been good working again, although difficult to get used to the routine of getting home late and then tea and bed routine so quickly after. BUT – I do like being paid again. Wheeee!

Holidaying: We have just come home from a 3500km trip to Dubbo and Newcastle in NSW. We drove over to spend time with friends and had a lovely time. It is nice to be home too!

Catering: Still ongoing – but only the month of May left… 4 weeks and counting!


Well I was doing really well, before the trip – I even managed to loose almost 2kg, which for me is a bloody miracle! But of course holidays and out of routine, cheese and wine, long long sitting down driving hours and quickly grabbed food has seen it all come back on again. But never fear – I will not let it get to me. I carry on. Back to normal eating ways and exercise ways – and it will begin to slowly drip off me in 100g lots again :D I hate how tough it is for me to lose weight – but I guess it is what it is.

I went back to the gym again today, after 2 weeks off, and walked up and down hills, did some push up’s and crunches and stretched – it felt good. Tomorrow I had planned on doing Body Pump, but have donated Blood this afternoon and was advised to not go. So tomorrow may well be a bike ride, or a walk/run?? We are childless tonight, so will definitely have to get out there and do something!


  • Exercise: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday – reach 2000 cals burnt on my Polar watch.
  • Water: 2lt each day
  • Green tea: 2 cups
  • Track on My Fitness Pal

That should keep me busy!


Now I am off to cook some salmon for tea with a serving of ratatouille – YUM!

Silence is golden….

March 28, 2014

Not here though – silence = busy.

But then I always say that… so I guess I should stop said ‘busy’ changing how I go about my life.

I have done exactly that…let the ‘busy’ take over, stop my plans, alter what I do, change my eating and halt the exercise. Arrrrggghh.

A seemingly never ending merry go round – and I need to get off stop allowing it to define me.



Another one down!

February 17, 2014

One essay complete – mind at rest – life continues!


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